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January 2012

Here is the scrapbooked January page in my personalized CD Jewel Case Calendar. Like it? So easy, so fast, so fun.


How-to:cd cover calendar 2012

Calendar Page:

Recycle a cereal box; cut to CD-case size.

Glue on wrapping paper remnants.

Glue on printed calendar month.

Embellish with (very old) recycled foam flower.


CD Jewel-Case Transformed into Calendar Stand:

Carefully undo the lid from the case.

Re-attach  it back to front, so the flap stays up at an angle.

Clip in your calendar card.



So, if you still need a 2012 calendar, despite my list of recommended online knitting, crochet & otherwise cool & creative 2012 calendars (probably on sale now ….) + despite the wonderful 100%-eco perpetual journal tutorial?! IF SO, then I have good news for you as I have a new freebie to share with you.



Free Printables

To Make Your Own Desk Calendar 2012

If you join our mailing list  *   **, you’ll get you free downloadable calendar with all the dates and months for 2012. 

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Doesn’t a printed month section look neat and crisp? You’ll get 12 of these, on two sheets to chop up with your paper cutter.

With these calendar date vignettes, plus your stash of scrapbooking supplies, paper, fabric and ribbon remnants you can create fabulous personalized desk calendars.






Fun and frivolous CD Jewel Case Calendar

Recycled CD Jewel Case Calendar, 2009

I used to make the pages completely by hand, including the dates section, but with the advent of an actually working printer next to my desk, I’m using a printed calendar as a base for my scrapbooking project, and you get the benefit of this.


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