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Simple inspiring heart desk gift set. 100% Recycled. Sometimes simplest is best: this handmade gift is useful to have and fun to make.desk_thingies_holder


desk accessories

Paper Craft How-To

(Step-by-step instructions)

desk accessories

1. The tall box: cut a rectangular cookie box at an angle, as in the picture. First cut the lowest side, then the diagonally-cut side, then the top side and align your left diagonally cut side with the other one.  Very easy, does not have to be exact.  Cut the cookie box open, and re-glue it inside out. Line the exposed parts of the inside of the box with the leftover cardboard, inside out.  Punch in a hole near the top of the highest side, so you can hang it on the all, or add a tag for decoration.

Decoupage: For the front, I cut out a heart and two wings, with a dark pen, added some lines to accent the shapes and added the word ‘love’.  With a glue stick, glue on the pieces.  For the rest of the box, I’ve used triangles and irregular shapes of the local bakery’s cookie packaging and glued them onto the paper into a mosaic.






desk accessories

2. The flat box: this too was a packaging box. Lined the outside with neutral paper and then decoupage-ed them with the same recycled wrapping paper.  For whimsy, I first added a few sections that are different, using stamped & punched scraps that were leftovers from other art & craft projects. I made a cutout with the word ‘hope’, using the same black pen as for the winged ‘love’ heart.   I repeated the winged love heart on the lid of the box.  Again, I added a little flap with a hole punched in, to add a tag or closure.






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