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:: Free sewing pattern for a perfect tote bag ::

Modern Tote Bag Free sewing Tutorial

Many years ago for Mothers Day, I featured a free sewing pattern for what I considered to be the perfect tote bag. See picture on the right.

Much to my dismay, that blog vanished/changed and the tote bag pattern is no where to be found!!!

I have had since many readers asking me to get/find/make them a new ‘perfect tote bag sewing pattern’, and I think I have just discovered that!

Free Sewing Pattern for Perfect Lined Tote Bag

These bags are pretty similar, aren’t they?! 

Even the bold print in black/white colors of the 2 tote bags is equally  modern! 

The original bag had a few more inner pockets, and so you may be creative and add additional pockets to the pattern here.

And the handles of that bag are shorter, but I think I prefer the longer handles as that means that I can carry the tote bag over my shoulder. Actually, that’ s something that I prefer! And, it look as if the bag is a bit deeper as well.  Again, you can adjust this to your liking. Not had at all!


So, there you have it. A replacement post, so to speak!

See what you think, and let me know the verdict: is this the PERFECT tote bag pattern for you??!! Drop me a line below.

image credit | pattern : Tutorial Lined Canvas Tote

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