Pebble Stone Pillows

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These pebble stone pillows are amazing!!! Bring the beach home, and lounge around on these big comfy rocks. Don’t these ultra-soft rock pillows look extremely huggable?

(I have no idea if we could actually transform these into a DIY project, but they don’t seem that expensive. See details below.)

Pebble Stone Pillows for Kids

pebble pillows

I get the picture: these pebble pillows are comfortable to sleep on.

They are even educational for kids, stimulating their imagination and play. Make your own beach, or river crossing….  And, well, jumping’ on theses rocks looks like loads of fun.

pebble pillows

Says the manufacturer: They are made with high quality PP cotton and flock powder, i.e. harmless to children,

Pebble Stone Pillows for Lounge Rooms


When you think that these pebbles are just great for kids bedrooms and playrooms, have a look how gorgeous they look in an all modern grown-up lounge room? So Zen.


Buy* pebble pillows online

.. and get your own soft & cuddly pebble pillow set. Approx $335 per set of 6 stones that each have a different size and shape. Hurry, as it seems they have only 1 left in stock, and it appears that this is just a promotional introduction price, with the regular price being $440. Check it out now on Amazon

(* When you buy through our link, the retailer will kick back a small % of your purchase for the good cause of maintaining this blog. Thank you for using our link.)

Product info:

These pebble shaped hugging pillows are made with high quality PP cotton and flock powder which is harmless to children.

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