Peace Symbol Womens Top – a first Sashiko Embroidery attempt

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Peace Symbol Embroidery = Cool Refashioning = Stain Cover-Up.

This extra-long, extra-fine cashmere cardigan by BCBG Maxazria (or was it Studio Max?!) has been my favorite top ever since I bought it. It is warm and looks great on. It’s neutral style and color means that it goes well with just about anything I own, as I can ‘dress it up’ in different ways. This kind of long womens cardigan is the IDEAL layer over my sweater dresses.

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So, that’s why I have been so sad when that giant dark blue ink stain at the back appeared. Out of nowhere. 

See that?!!

What now?

Replacing it?

Fashion Cardigans

When I was reviewing Cyber Monday Week Deals for us crafty folks, I spotted this top from BCBG Maxazria on Amazon

Not quite a sweater or cardigan, and more like a peplum top, it’s nicely shaped to flatter.

I also spotted this really nice drape Studio Max cardigan (shop on Amazon). Comes in various neutral colors (beige, blue and grey). It’s a bit like that wrap cardigan pattern that I posted a while ago. So buying a new cardigan is definitely an option..

What could be better?

Better would be: a bit of Sashiko embroidery aka Japanese vintage upcycling!

How to sew sashiko embroidery – Beginners guide.

But, in the meanwhile, I thought to salvage what has been for years one of my favorite tops in my wardrobe
I have tried to take this stain out in about 10 different ways, and while it is not anywhere near as bad and dark as it was before, it still is ‘NOTICEABLE’. Dah!!! It looks horrible! And I haven’t worn this ever so soft and practical garment ever since.

That all changed this morning. And I had lots of fun with this transformation / refashion / upcycle / embroidery project. I discovered that I had similar colored yarn, and so I took a thread and a needle, and hand-embroidered a peace symbol right over my stain.

Ta da!!!

clothing, womens tops

I think it is really cool. It looks like a designer statement, like a little wool tattoo on my back.

Like it? Want one too?

How to Draw a Peace Symbol

To make a peace symbol is super simple.

  1. I started making the vertical line at the center.
  2. Then made a full circle around it.
  3. I wove under the circular rim and made the center line twice as wide to fully cover my stain. 
  4. Next came the two supporting arches at the bottom of the symbol. 

The shading  in the photo makes the symbol look a bit uneven, however, in reality it is perfectly straight, even and aligned.  Given that this peace symbol is made with yarn and has a crafty feel to it, no matter what, even if you don’t get it perfectly even and tidy, it will be just fine.

Om & Peace

peace symbol embroidery

I now have peace with that giant stain on my back. And it’s a reminder to whosoever taps me on the shoulder, that they better be nice to me.

And if I wear it with my over-sized peace symbol necklace,  they’ll get the same message from the front.

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First published on November. 27, 2012.

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