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Hi! Welcome to my FineCraftGuild pattern shop! I design patterns that are fun, fast and easy to make.  Here are my latest knitting patterns, plus a few crochet & sewing patterns – all to make beautiful personal accessories, fashionable clothes, and trendy home decor.

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What’s in Store

— Beautiful, Popular, Trendy & New Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns & Sewing Tutorials —

The tiny word links on the photos below bring you to in my Ravelry store, where the Instant-download patterns are available for immediate use.

Cosy Slippers Patterns

Sleep Socks Knitting Pattern

Easy knitting pattern for 2 needles, not knit-in-the-round. Double yarn, so it works up really fast. Cuter than a button and best: KEEPS YOUR FEET WARM AND COZY at night. Just a winner idea.

Chic Cosy House Slippers

Knitting Pattern

Ballet House Slippers

Crochet Pattern

This is a pattern that every girl wants her mom to make for her. And some moms, like me, would like a pair of ballet slippers for themselves.

They are elegant, unique, as well as easy and fast to crochet. They make great gifts and is suitable for beginner crocheters. They are beautifully made in a shell stitch.

Hat Patterns

Summer Hat Crochet Pattern Pampelonne

Easy Cable Ear Warmer | Cowl | Headband Knitting Pattern

Textured Infinity Cable
Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern

Easy knitting pattern for 2 needles, not knit-in-the-round. Super trendy.

Fur Pompom Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern

Easy flat-knit knitting pattern for 2 needles, not knit-in-the-round. Super trendy.

Scarves for Women & Teens

Chunky Chain Necklace

Finger-Knitting Pattern / large needles

Easy as counting to ten on your fingers. I am sure you and your kids will enjoy instructions for this fabulous necklace. Make great gifts.

The mini- Sweet November Scarf

Super trendy necktie-scarf. Another easy, flat-knit pattern for 2 needles that works up ridiculously fast.

Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern

This super-bulky shawl doubles a cardigan, and is a must-have for Fall/Winter. Cozy, warm, versatile, trendy. All in one! You can wear it with the ends tucked-in like an infinity scarf. You can wear it bulked up around your neck, or draped over your shoulders. The .pdf pattern will be emailed to you for just $3.90. It will include the base scarf pattern (included: how to knit a cross and make tassels.)

Super-easy Chunky Cowl Knitting Pattern

Easy knitting pattern for 2 needles, not knit-in-the-round. Trendy, comfortable cowl; can be made in single or double yarn.

Romantic Crochet Collar

Fingerless Gloves Patterns

Mohair Fingerless Gloves

Knitting Pattern

Easy flat-knit knitting pattern for elegant, super-soft mohair mitts.

Chic Fingerless Gloves

Crochet Pattern

Fitted to perfection. You’ll love these gloves. The braided wrist tie and button add elegance to otherwise very practical gloves. Use variegated yarn like in the model to get this lovely design.

Fingerless Gloves Sock Monkey Knitting Pattern

Wonky Monkey Fingerless Mitts — i.e. Super-cute sock monkey gloves not only keep your hands warm this Fall/Winter, but they will put a smile onto your face too.

Appliqués, Fobs & Flower Patterns

Red Poppy Crochet Pattern

Make this for remembrance day, or any day, this beautiful poppy is a smile-maker. Pop it onto anything.

Small Numbers Crochet Patterns

3D Butterfly Granny Square

Crochet Pattern

Learn more: 3D Butterfly Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Pattern Price: $ Available in my online store at Ravelry:

Lucky 4-leaf Clover

Crochet Pattern

Coffee Cup Cozy Patterns

Rose Coffee Cup Cozy

Crochet Pattern
This Coffee Cup Cozy with tiny pink flower was Rose’s first original crochet pattern for sale, and it has been popular ever since. Learn How to Make Eco-friendly Cuteness!

Sock Monkey Coffee Cup Cozy Knitting Pattern

With this 10-page pattern, you’ll make your first one of these in a morning, and all following monkeys will go even faster. Imagine making a dozen monkeys, one for each member of the family. p.s. Pattern for optional monkey ears are included! Learn more: Sock monkey coffee cup cozy knitting patterns.

  • Pattern price: $4.
  • Buy it as an instant download at my Ravelry store

Owl Applique & Pen Topper Crochet Pattern

This soft, cute owl is making writing a fun and cosy experience. I’ve designed this darling owl to put a smile on the face of your kids. … On the days they deserve something special. Or, … when they don’t want to go to school and need a little motivation. Yes, you can also make the owl for big ‘kids’ (like yourself). As an extra, instead of a pen topper, follow the instructions to use it as an appliqué, brooch or pendant.

Learn more: Crochet Pattern Owl Pen Topper, Pendant or Appliqué.

The super-easy .DPF crochet pattern was $2.95, and is now reduced to $1.50! Buy it as an Instant Download at Ravelry.

iPhone & Jar Cover Patterns

For Kids: Crochet T-shirt Pattern

Darling Crochet Edge Friendship chain

Crochet Cuffs & Ruffles

Kids T-shirt extenders

A long-loved t-shirt gets a new life with these cheery striped crochet cuff and ruffle. This easy pattern is adaptable to any shirt. The blanket-stitches used to attach the cuffs to the t-shirt are shown for demonstration only. They can be covered with pretty ribbons. Learn more: Tshirt crochet pattern.

Crochet pattern for sleeves + pattern for the ruffle edge, together: $1.90. Buy it as an instant download at my Ravelry store.

Scarves Patterns for Men

Some more patterns…

Irish Lace iPhone Cover Crochet Pattern

Fabric Eggs Sewing Pattern

You’ll love making Eggs like this. Make one, make many. Learn the ropes and eventually you’ll put Faberge to shame.

TIP: Handmade Gifts

A ‘handmade’ gift is not always knitted. It can be ‘put together’, like a knitting kit gift. It’s really easy to do: a nicely printed PDF-pattern makes a great gift for a creative person. Then, pair it up with yarn or fabric . It’s a great way to support the creative souls among your friends and family in their knitting hobby.


I am always busy designing, and post the best ones on the blog.  Usually a couple of patterns are FREE! (Tip: Become a pattern tester to get more free patterns – see below.) 

Pattern Testers Wanted

I take a lot of time and care to develop my designs and detail the patterns for you. But I’m sure they can always get better written up. If you are interested in reviewing any of my patterns, send me an email. You can get a pattern free in exchange for a written review.


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All patterns carry copyright, and for personal use only. They cannot be distributed. Please contact me if you want to make any of my designs for commercial use, including use as ‘fundraisers’.