Free quilted postcard tutorials to make your unique designs


Today’s article features Postcard Quilt tutorials. There are so many inspirational handmade post card designs out there, that I thought it was to good to give you an overview.

Sashiko Quilted Postcards


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Sashiko Quilted Postcard Design

This Sashiko quilted postcard design is just adorable.

Design by Sarah.

Freeform Quilted Postcards


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Sashiko Quilted Postcard Design

How to make your own quilted postcards. An easy tutorial at Instructables.

Design by Roxanne Up

Multimedia & Stitching Quilted Postcards


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Quilted Postcard Tutorial

This great quilted post card of a fiddle fern is best seen vertically, so I’m posted it sidewise.

Design by Quilt to the Edge.

Materials & Supplies

Your fabric scraps and a good sewing machine!


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