How to Make Appliqué Pillows, really happy ones!

Sewing Patterns

Here’s how to make appliqué pillows. Original ones! Like this happy one.

Decorate with unique Appliqué Pillows

These kind of unique, personal, soulful Appliqué Pillows make me happy. This one reminded me a card that I received from a friend of mine. It read: “when you are at the end of your rope, make a swing.”

Oh, how perfect was that message for me then. And now I think I need to make myself a swing pillow, with me on it! So, this lovely happy and uniquely designed pillow is the perfect reminder to be lighthearted in life and just live, love and laugh!

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By Crystelle Boutique ( – site no longer online)

How to Make Appliqué Pillows

  • draw a design for the pillow front on a piece of paper first and then onto the front of the fabric.
  • find fabrics and thread for the parts of the design. Cut them out.
  • Depending on your sewing skills, use the sewing machine to add them the fabric (front). Tip: tiny details, such as faces you may wish to paint on instead.
  • measure the length of the pillow and cut a strip of pompoms, to sew in between the two pieces of fabric of the front and the back of the pillow.
  • Sew these together, insides facing each other, leaving an opening at the bottom.
  • Fill the pillow with an insert
  • Sew pillow case closed.
  • Pop it on the couch. Instagramify!

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