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Usually, I find it hard to choose between the various excellent projects submitted to our linky party. But this time, it was easy. Really easy! 4 of my readers brought together all that you need for a fabulous 4th of July summer party.

First, we need a quintessential American theme for our party decorations: how about … centered around re-purposed denim blue jeans?

Recycle Denim

Recycled DENIM Party Decoration  ::

Today’s absolute winning feature is Connie Nelson from ‘Family Home Life’. In She shared with us a submission on how to re-purpose denim jeans. Her post was particularly inspirational to me, since I just washed a too-worn-at-the-wrong-spots pair of jeans of my hubby, now waiting in the pile of ‘recycling projects to do’. Perfect timing, Connie.

recycled demin purses  ::

So, among other things, what Connie suggest we do with old jean is make old pocket purses. That’s what she did and they are fabulous! Apparently her whole house is full or recycled denim projects and she just scoured up a bunch of other ideas from other blogs as well.

How to use these recycled jeans pockets for a 4th of July party? In many ways, they can hold everyone’s party cutlery & napkin, etc. Or they can hold party raffle tickets. After the party, these jeans bags be taken home as a party souvenir, and another lifelong use.

Recycled Denim Graduation Party Decoration

The next feature is of Restyled Junk ‘shabby vintage’ Graduation party. What wonderful recycled party decoration!  All made with denim.

I thought I spotted denim strips when I looked at the linky party link-up image. And oh, may… I found an amazing recycled jeans fest! As jeans party decorations, she featured first a very original restyled denim star, and then …

recycled jeans into DIY star  ::

a whole bunch of denim table cloths made from recycled denim jeans !!! Lots of pairs of jeans. The large-block quilting technique makes them look stunning. All fabulous, original DIY craft projects you can make with old pairs of jeans. Here’s the recycled jeans party decoration, all put together… :

recycled denim tablecloths & cowboy garlands  ::

At first I thought that the photo garland also featured recycled denim strips, but it turns out they are strips of recycled bandanas. Cowboy Styling!

recycled bandanas garland ::

All these wonderful, handmade and recycled party decorations can of course be reused for Fourth of July, and any other Patriotic / Americana party.

On top of all these recycled jeans projects, Cyndee made other fun, original and inspiring graduation party details. How about a vintage typewriter as the guest book feature… and more… ?!  Source, Cyndee,


4th of July Party Snacks

cracker jack recipe  ::

And no 4th of July party is complete without at least some fun party snacks. Emily from the Benson Street showed us how to make homemade cracker jack.  I know you all like that! 

Here’s her recipe:


But let’s not only eat candy! My Favorite Healthy Recipe of the Week is this amazing salad with the yummiest bright red and juicy strawberries, baby spinach and grilled chicken. Absolutely perfect for a summer garden feast, like a 4th of July party. Don’t you think?!

grilled chicken strawberry salad  ::

By Alex, at her blog


These are the features for the day. There were some more classic 4th of July red-white-blue stars & stripes party decorations linked up in the linky party. I may add these to our final roundup of ‘4th of July party ideas’ somewhere in June. If you have any further 4th of July ideas, do link them up too and I’ll have a look at them for this particular blog feature article. Of course, all creative pursuits welcome (except stuff for sale & other linky parties).   

Congrads to all of you featured. Do grab yourself an “I’m featured”- button on our party page to prominently display on your blog, and party on, share and celebrate. The rest of us, oh, well, you too are invited again, join our linky party today!

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