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Thank you for linking up at the party, everyone. You have been making it again a wonderful success and I am pleased that more and more people are starting to join in, which really builds the festivity. Because of the abundance of entries, or perhaps I just felt like it, I’m sharing Party Features for this week a day early, i.e. today.

But before that we are delving into that, I have 3 announcements for you:

  • ** Thank you for befriending me! Lately more and more bloggers have reached out to me and my life has really been enriched as a result. It is way more fun to craft, DIY, decorate and create art as a community rather than going it alone… in (not so) lonely Italy. So thank you.
  • ** Thank you too for all the bloggers who are soo nice to they are indeed linking back to the party, as per the only party rule. It so lifts my spirits when I browse your blog and I see that you are mentioning my blog, or featuring a nice banner image. It makes me feel connected. So, again, thank you.
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Linky Party Features

Now, let me share some Features last week’s Time for a Party.

Featured Home DIY  & Recycled Furniture Projects

1. Master Bedroom Makeover


‘LOVE LIKE SUNSHINE. warms every moment  and BRIGHTENS EVERY DAY! That’s  a top affirmation. What a inspirational statement to walk by, at least twice a day!

Krista is that Happy Housie, and she another fellow Canadian from Vancouver!!  ….

Anyhow, about the feature, Krista basically gives us a complete interior design styling workshop by the way she takes us through this room and the various design choices she made for each detail. 

She is a thrifty gal but you wouldn’t know it.  It all looks beautiful and tailored.  I love her story on how this builds upon that. Great master bedroom. My favorite item in the bedroom is in fact the poster on the right, which ironically, she doesn’t discuss. Anyhow, the whole room is beautiful!  Well-done, Krista! 

Actually, Krista thinks she’s not finished yet …. What do you think??!  It looks fine to me!

2. Funky Striped End Table


By Restorations Redoux

Shanna did it again at Redoux: amaze me with her sense of style and whimsy and her perfect articulation of what could be done to make a most mundane piece of furniture – and look absolutely marvellous. How does she come up with her ideas?? 

Anyhow, this side table is great.  And while I’m not in the habit of promoting things for sale, unless it’s an affiliate (which pays this blog’s bills), this whimsical side table will be for sale on Craiglist shortly. Go check it out.

3. Outdoor Furniture Makeover

DIY outdoor furniture chairs makeover

Marilyn from 4 You with Love showed us how to reupholster your outdoor patio furniture. 

I love this. Ours got really saggy over the years, so much so that I put mine in storage. I may just have to go pick them up and do an outdoor chair makeover just like Marilyn did.

Hers came out beautiful, don’t you think?!

4.  Pink Bathroom Shutters


Pink shutters.

It takes Laurie from Heavens Walk to actually have a place for these in her farm home. 

And then, to take the dreamiest pictures of them, pretty, romantic and full of story, like the cover of a new novel.  In the bathroom. How does she do it?! 

Visit her blog for some more pictures like this. 

By Heavens Walk

5. Healthy Recipe of the Week

Chicken Veggie Stir Fry
Chicken and veggy stir fry recipe

Low calorie and simply delicious.

Nancy from Skinny Kitchen shared the recipe for this chicken and veggies stir fry.

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