Today I have 5 Fabulous Easter Ideas for you. Last week’s Easter linkups was a success and brought so much wonderful Easter inspiration. Here are five not-to-miss ideas for you that you can use to prep for this Easter weekend.


1. Easy Spring Dresses

Whip up a Spring dress for Easter, with this free Peter Pan lace collar template.  Super fast & easy  to do, as is explained in the how-to. Not enough time to make some Easter dresses for yourself and the kids? Well, with this easy project, now you do!

spring dresses
Tip: making a smaller inner collar to prevent the finished collar to bend/stick out from your body when you are wearing it. Cut your outer collar pattern double/twice. Sew the outer seam first and here comes the trick: slide out the inner collar like 3-5 mm mostly in the back area. i.e. the inner collar will be peaking out. Now cut that off and sew close.

by SewinglikeMad 

2 Make your Easter Brunch healthy with this Easter Recipe!

Green Smoothies! Witty Alyson has quite the food blog going, and I am glad she’s been responding to my PLEA – SE give me YUMMY health food recipes!! And here it is: veggy-packed, super healthy but delicious smoothies. I am going to fit this in.  Not only in my Easter recipes collection, but ideally into my daily repertoire of ‘so good’ daily treats. How about: like this idea?

Without giving all the details* away, it contains yummy almond milk, banana slices, pineapple chunks, Greek yogurt, apple juice… besides an array of healthy leafy greens. Get the picture? This is gonna taste GOOD!

(* she gives a whole dissertation on the ins and outs of this smoothie (smile))

3. Easter Treats

Now that we got the super-healthy, and easy-to-make Easter drink featured, here’s an Easter recipe for sophisticated, delicate and lovely sweet Easter treat … for balance: macarons.

Making Macarons is quite something else. It is perhaps something to try to make during the Easter break with your older kids, a sister who comes over and who’s a whiz in the kitchen. Macarons are French. And if you know how particular they are about food, then you know why you will even need a scale to make this and measure all the portions. You need a mixture, time, patience, and a steady mind to not skip any detail in the steps. And when you do all this, verbatim, your macarons will look like this. And when you don’t, your macarons won’t look like the perfect Easter brunch hostess gift, but will nonetheless be scrumptious. Which is precisely why I am adding this recipe here.

Easter recipes macarons
photo by


4. Making Easter Eggs with the Kids

So easy, so fun, so good, so cute. Here’s the how-to making polka dot Easter Eggs. An Easter craft to do with the kids during Easter break.

easter eggs

5. Easy, Shabby Chic Hostess Gifts, for Easter Brunch parties and more.

This last tutorial is for a craft that will give lasting, year-round enjoyment, and that is to learn how to digitally collage images together into a romantic, shabby chic French cookie jar label, to decoupage onto a canister or cookie jar.

So, whip up a fun Easter brunch hostess gift with the free French graphics, templates and tutorial to create this fun French vintage cookie jar label. You can fill the cookie jar with Easter eggs, or some home-baked Easter goods.

French shabby chic furniture
By ‘A Delightsome Life’
Shabby Chic Mason jar label:

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