Time for a Party 49

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Hello my blogging friends! Exciting day today. Lots of new projects to look at. Your DIYs, craft projects, knitting adventures, and home decorations.

Honestly, it is SOOO inspiring to look at ALL of your projects, that I don’t understand why not EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT EVERYONE ELSE’S WORK?!! Try this. You might be soaked with enthusiasm by the end of it. (smile). party

Alright, for those of you who did not explore ALL the projects in the last Linky Party, let me highlight 5 (ok, 7) that inspired me. I’ve included some of my favorite styles & projects and also showed off some new party visitors, so that everyone gets to shine in the limelight at least once.

DIY Decoupage Tray

DIY decoupage  bar tray

By Carol from The Answer is Chocolate. (True).

Tip: If you like this clock theme, take advantage of the free clock face clip art we featured yesterday.

XOXO Valentine Candles

XOXO Candles 1

    1.  By Cathy from Lemon Tree Dwelling
    1. Glitterize an X. Glitterize an O. Tie them around a candle, and off you Go. Easy Valentine Decorations for your livingroom… or bedroom.
Amazing Football Treats


Football fudge on a marshmallow field. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Pretty & fun.

By Lisa from Hoopla Palooza.

Heart Quilt


Beautiful. Personalized. And not too difficult. This gal just ‘whips them up’. ‘Yet another quilt for my daughter’ she titled this post. If all her quilts are as pretty as this…. that daughter will be blissfully cozy this winter!

by Highland Sockies


DIY Side-table with Open Shelf


Amazing what you & yr hubby can make with some planks and a bit of milk paint. I just adore this side table.

By Laurie from Heavens Walk. Lucky girl!

Beaded Heart


By Cyndee from Restyled Junk (https://restyledjunk.com/2013/01/bead-garland-hearts/). Couldn’t part with her Christmas tree decorations and so she made a bunch of these darling beaded hearts. From coat hangers. Yep. Real easy. She’ll show you how.


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Bye for now & see you again soon!

This is the 49th edition of Time for a Party!

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