Linky party 45. THE linky party for Christmas! Ayyyyyy!!! Time flies.

Before I forget, let me share with you the ’00s of Christmas crafts I’ve been working on or have featured. Further, be sure to check out this fabulous gingerbread house cookie on the rim recipe! Adorable, nah?!

Pfft. Oh may, what a week it has been. With 50+ (printable) holiday freebies to find and display for you (and not completely done yet), with Christmas cookies to bake, holiday socials to have, Christmas presents to find, buy and wrap, and, then with emotional shocks like the Connecticut shooting incident, well, it has been FULL. Sure, your week has been the same.

I am targeting and planning for ‘13 also, trying to get ready for the new year. I have made a craft calendar for 2013 which is half finished. Then there is the sock monkey rug pattern which is ‘almost done’ which I promised to some sweet readers.


I can’t wait to have a sip of tea and go over all your wonderful projects. You see, browsing through your projects is like reading a good magazine. Lots to choose from, lots to consider, and a few to make my own. Either to file or make today.

So, dear readers, share what you have been working on. We love to see novel ideas as well as really good how-to tutorials for nifty works of art, so we can look artistic also.

Without further ado:


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Now, SHOW ME (us all) what you have made/been working on.



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This is the 45th edition of Time for a Party!

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