DIY Dori Csengeri Earrings (Knockoffs) and Other Creative Ideas

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DIY & Craft Ideas – Features of Linky Party 33

And of party 32! I still owe you some features from last week’s party, and well as from this party past, and I am combining the two.

My Top Picks

1. DIY Dori Csengeri Earrings (Knockoffs)

These designer knockoff earrings are a super fast DIY by Kin Hussain.

DIY Dori Csengeri knockoff earrings
DIY Dori Csengeri knockoff earring

Kin explained that this was an easy DIY. She used silk rope and glued that around big and small beads into circular shapes. Then she attached the dangly sections to simple earring findings, and voila. Dramatic earrings.

Kin was inspired by designer Dori Csengeri when she made these earrings. Do you know Dori Csengeri? Her jewelry is fabulous. She typically used layers of rope or felt and mix these with beads to create a modern arty or tribal look.

When I was in my 20’s I had a pair of earrings or a similar nature. I love that they made big statements, however, they were ultra lightweight and easy to wear. These were clip-ons, which – for a change – did not hurt, so with all that into the mix, I wore these earrings when going out. Always. For years.

I can’t wait to try this myself with yarn….


2. Jewelry Organiser by Three Kendrick Blessings

So tidy is this jewelry organizer, that you feel it belongs there in her closet, and perhaps in yours too.

jewelry hanger
Source: Three Kendrick Blessings

3. Vintage September Paper art project and Print Freebie by Crystelle

september vintage paper art (archived)

Lovely scrapbooking or book art project. Lots of fun!!

4. Crown Embroidery by Christine

crown embroidery pattern 

Am right into crowns right now (and have been for a while) so that this ornament which pairs fun purple crochet cotton yarn with an embroidered crown, well, that’s a moment when I’ll be looking. Love it!

Archived: angelstitchembroidery, blogspot

5. Caramel Apple Cheesecake by Debi from Adorned from Above

cheesecake recipe

Mouth-watering images from Debi come at a cost of calories that will go straight to my belly and stays there, on the outside for years to come… however, it must be said, that the calories of the caramel apple cheesecake can well be worth it. Take a look for yourself.

These DIY & Craft Ideas were the Features of Linky Party 33, ‘Time for a Party’. Most of these blogs are no longer online or have changed direction. Their creative ideas are nonetheless still appreciated.

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