Paper Paris Vacation Toys

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: this great freebie!

I have the ultimate toys for bad-weather days and dreaming with your kids of going on vacation in …. Paris!!   These travel-sized paper landmark buildings allow you to enact the most wonderful vacation adventures in Paris. Free!! And you don’t even need to pack!

The printable paper city play set comes with a vintage Citroën car to drive through your paper Arc de Triumph and along the Notre Dame cathedral.

Toot! toot!



Paris printable paper decorations


Printable Paris in Miniature

There is a authentic French boulangerie / patisserie / confiserie (read: bakery with lots of cakes and candy) and of course, a miniature Eiffel Tower…  And lots more: a bike, French Street lanterns, etc.

Paris printable paper decorations

Those Lovely French People…

Of course, print out the mini-people too. Who do you want to be? I want to be the girl with the flower dress.

Print this free downloadable Paris paper city set today from Made by Joel. Thank you Joel for spending hours and hours drawing this up!



Tip: print this before going on a long road trip or for dinner to a nice restaurant with the kids.

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