Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns: Animals, Flowers and Trees


:: Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns Animals and Flowers ::

It was hard. Hard to pick just a handful favorite quilt blocks from the huge collection of art quilter Janeen van Niekerk’s paper piecing quilt patterns of animals, flowers, lovely woodland trees and more paper piecing goodliness.

Saw that opportunity last week on the blog??!: you can get yourself some new skills, and follow along with our new quilting course by Janeen. As our new contributor on the blog, she shared a ‘fussy cutting’ quilting tutorial. It is the first class in her series of free, online quilting workshops at the Fine Craft Guild. By the end of the year, you’ll have several stunning quilts made all on your own. You can do it if you start now: learn how to make a quilt.

The quilting class we started last week is geared to absolute beginners in guilt-making. However, Janeen is a veteran in the quilting industry. Her personal quilt design work is unique. You’ll find fresh colors and unusually-shaped pieces. If you have a little bit of experience* with quilting, you can start venturing out with some of Janeen’s complete quilt patterns that I’ll talk about below as well as the hundreds of others.
When I introduced Janeen last week, I promised I would show some of her absolutely stunning paper piecing quilt patterns to you. Well, here they are. 5 of my favorite paper piecing quilt patterns to encourage you to start playing around with fabric today. (*Note that I did not select the 5 features today because they are the simplest patterns. Rather, they are the most inspiring to me today).

5 Favorite Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns Animals and Flowers
1. Blooming Woodland Trees Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns Animals Flowers

This beautiful paper piecing quilt block with trees is one of two designs with blooming trees. Both are part of Janeen’s current woodland nature theme. They are suitable for beginning quilters, albeit perhaps a bit difficult for novices.

Related individual paper piecing quilt patterns include an adorable, colorful hummingbird block; a matching bright red hibiscus flower quilt block; several cute bird house designs; and a range of woodland critters, including this owl quilt pattern:

2. Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern Owl

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns Animals and Flowers :: Owl

This is such a realistic owl pattern. It is beautiful and I like the nearly monochrome nature of the beast. Calming, soothing, natural and very wise. Perfect for a quilt.

And then there’s the owl quilt pattern. It’s an intermediate in difficulty.

Now, don’t think that you have to stick to a muted color pallet! How about using this quilting block pattern to make a fantastic purple quilt? Like that??!
purple quilts of owls

Btw. if you are into owl crafts, be sure to check out our Owl Week with all sorts of owl craft projects and designs.

3. Set of Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns of 16 Farm Animals

rooster : Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns : Animals and Flowers

This is just a sample: a vibrant Chicken Quilt Pattern. I can see this rooster quilt pattern featured on my Easter table. I collect chickens in my kitchen, as you may know. This chicken pattern would make an adorable teapot cozy!!!! And a pan hot-pad.

Farm Animals Quilt Block Series

Well, the rooster does not come alone! There’s a quilt block pattern for a hen too!  They can be a kissing rooster – hen duo!

Janeen’s whimsical quilt designs have so many applications!   For example, if you want to make a set of whimsical placemats that are individually different but that work well together, this farm animal quilt pattern set is for you. There is a cow, calf, cat, dog, mouse, rabbit, donkey, I think a goose, oh and tons of other animals. Ah yes, the horse! If you have a niece who is a horse lover (like I do), make her a bag featuring a paper piecing quilt pattern of a horse!

In total, there are 16 farm animals.  Together, they would work on farm animal quilted bed spread or a garden blanket.

4. Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns of Flowers

I mentioned the hibiscus before, but my favorite is actually this beautiful rose quilt block. The pattern is for an intermediate level quilter.

paper piecing quilt patterns animals flowers rose

And last but not least, …

5. Paper Piecing Quilt Design of a 2-Karat Diamond.

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns diamond

Honestly, is this a stunningly beautiful diamond quilt, or what? Does this make you want to get your fabric out too? It brings out that feeling to me. Even though an octagonal shape, the quilt’s end result is square. These blues, greys and white work together brilliantly. The grey border color makes the blue diamond shine even more jewel-like.

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns Animals and Flowers

I am particularly charmed by this last design. However all Janeen’s quilt designs are unique & amazing. Janeen has chosen her business name Quilt Art Designs wisely. Her quilts designs are truly works of art!

Awesome Paper Piecing Designs by Other Quilt Designers

Paper Piecing Quilt Block Patterns

Olaf paper piecing quilt block pattern - free
Olaf- free quilt block pattern. (Note: more advanced pattern with smaller pieces.) Once you click through, you realise that Olaf is one of 5 free quilt patterns inspired by the movie Frozen: there’s Sven, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff too.

Paper Piecing Quilt Block Pattern for Heila

This bird signifies Spring in Iceland. Which is why the maker designed it. Isn’t it lovely?! Again, a bit of an advanced paper piecing pattern here. And again, free!
Heila_bird_paper_piecing_quilt pattern free
Heila Bird Free paper piecing Pattern

Paper Piecing Quilt Block Pattern for Bluebird

blue bird paper piecing quilt block pattern free
Blue Bird Free Paper piecing Quilt Pattern

Woodpecker paper piecing quilt block pattern

woodpecker bird paper piecing quilt block paterm

Woodpecker Pattern