Get Free Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns of Animals, Flowers and Trees


  • Free Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns of Animals, Flowers and Trees from a variety of artists. Learn from quilt artists Alice Hadley, Jennifer Ofenstein and Janeen van Niekerk, who all make amazing paper piecing quilt patterns, some of which I have showcased below. (Note re. *Free: some of the patterns, templates, tutorials and videos below are free, while some have become paid products over the years.)

Free Beginning Quilting Course

If you are new to quilting and paper piecing, you can get yourself some new skills, and follow along with our new quilting course by Janeen. We have a ‘fussy cutting’ quilting tutorial as the first class in her series of free, online quilting workshops at the Fine Craft Guild. By the end of the year, you’ll have several stunning quilts made all on your own. You can do it if you start now: learn how to make a quilt.

Favorite * Free Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns of Trees, Flowers and Animals

Today we want to showcase how you can make some adorable animals, flowers and trees by paper piecing.

Free Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns of Tropical Palm Trees

This is a very easy beginners paper piecing tree pattern offered free by Alice Hadley via Gathered

Pattern: free download

If you have any skill in designing, I would copy this original and curve the tree truck by a few degrees. Daring to go further, break the leaves into more realistic components, as palm tree branches are long leaves or rows of leaves which are usually clucked together with a knack in it somewhere. Again, by creating a little bit more curve and realism you can transform this pattern into greatness. To top it off, I would add a few coconuts. If that’s ‘a challenge’ in paper piecing, how about adding a touch of embroidery or appliqué. You will find that by adding more detail, you’ll tell a better artistic story.

Free Paper Piecing Pattern of Trees – Abstract

Comes with free quilting video workshop

By Jennifer Ofenstein

Perhaps I should have started with Jennifer’s free paper piecing tree video tutorial and pattern. This is an amazing free resources as Jennifer really is a quilting instructor and it shows in how she has put this video together. Her key tip for beginning with this work is to stick to all pure cotton quilting fabrics for your project and to choose your fabrics carefully in color and texture, as the fabrics choices personalise this tree design and you quilted work of art.

Video tutorial

Pattern free download

Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern of Woodland Trees

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns Animals Flowers
Design by Janeen – no longer free, sorry.

This beautiful paper piecing quilt block with trees is not for an absolute novice but is very suitable for beginning quilters who have taken our quilting course. This image is the summation of 6 very simple designs. The sense of ‘blossom’ has been created by choosing a tree blossom background. If your fabric does not have this same motif, you may consider adding blossoms to your tree by hand later on, which will further personalise your quilt project, making it more unique and of higher quality.

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns of Flowers

Free Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns with video workshop – Quilt: Field with Flowers

This video is yet another great resource on how to make your own paper pieced flower block. it is amazing how colorful this quilt becomes when you use up all different straps to make the paper pieced ‘roses’. Love this!

Download:, or design your own… This is an easy one!

For more advanced paper piece quilters, this is a beautiful rose quilt block designed by Janeen van Niekerk. I am particularly charmed by this last design. However all Janeen’s quilt designs are unique & amazing. Janeen has chosen her business name Quilt Art Designs wisely. Her quilts designs are truly works of art!

paper piecing quilt patterns animals flowers rose
By Janeen. No longer free, sorry.

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns of Animals: a Woodland Owl, a Cow, a Chicken and Other Farm Animals

Related individual paper piecing quilt patterns include an adorable, colorful hummingbird block; a matching bright red hibiscus flower quilt block; several cute bird house designs; and a range of woodland critters, including this owl quilt pattern:

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns Animals and Flowers :: Owl
By Janeen. No longer free.

This is such a realistic owl pattern. It is beautiful and I like the nearly monochrome nature of the beast. Calming, soothing, natural and very wise. Perfect for a quilt.

And then there’s the owl quilt pattern. It’s an intermediate in difficulty.

purple quilts of owls

Now, don’t think that you have to stick to a muted color pallet! How about using this quilting block pattern to make a fantastic purple quilt? Like that??!

Other Owl Crafts

Btw. if you are into owl crafts, be sure to check out our Owl Week with all sorts of owl craft projects and designs.

Quilted Farm Animals

By Sandi Walton from

Her Cow Quilt Block Pattern Free Download

rooster : Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns : Animals and Flowers
By Janeen. No longer free.

This is just a sample: a vibrant Chicken Quilt Pattern. I can see this rooster quilt pattern featured on my Easter table. I collect chickens in my kitchen, as you may know. This chicken pattern would make an adorable teapot cozy!!!! And a pan hot-pad.

Originally posted on March 24, 2014. Updated 2022.

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