Making a Paper Holiday Wreath

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I don’t know which one I like best, Sweet Paul’s or The Red Thread’s???!!! Because they are both great wreaths! The wreath by Red Thread’s comes with a detailed tutorial, which is always a good thing to have. What better than to learn from other people’s experience of both happy accidents and mistakes? I like that. What do you think: both wreaths are similar in construction, but the colored paper gives the wreath from ‘The Red Thread a totally different effect.

white christmas wreath
By Sweet Paul
Paper Holiday Wreath
By The Red Thread


In either case, your homemade paper holiday wreath will be amazingly simple to make and cost next to nothing.

Yes, would make a great little holiday gift right now for that old lady that lives around the corner from you. Oh, on that note, I should really make one for her!!!


My Wreath Making Suggestions

Let’s just use these two paper wreath for inspiration only, shall we??! How about combining these ideas a bit, and also recycle in a crafty way?

The back ring of the ‘Red Thread’ wreath could be made from a cereal box or an old IKEA box. The leaves could be made from used office paper.  But how about first stamping interesting designs in two compatible holiday colors on the back of the office paper, before cutting out the shapes? That way it would still be predominantly white, but shift things a little bit towards holiday tones. That would work…

What’s nice about this idea, is that the kids can  help stamping. And you’d be glowing on the inside that you’d be saving a tree.


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