Runway-inspired, 4-year-Old Makes Own Incredible Paper Dresses

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Incredible Paper Dresses | Made by a 4 year old.

Whether you want summer dresses, evening dresses, maxi dresses, or party dresses ~ leave it to this 4 year old. She’ll make you one fabulous dress, out of paper.  This little girl is amazing.  Inspired by local events such as trips to the zoo and after seeing some runway show photos, she has made an incredible range of dresses (with a bit of help from her self-acclaimed not-creative mom).

Incredible Paper Dresses for Evening

Here are just 5 highlights for you of glamorous evening dresses that she has made out of paper for herself. There are many more pictures on their website.

Project Runway for 4 year old designers of Paper Dresses

paper evening dresses  :: fashion made by a 4-year-old ::
paper wedding dresses  :: fashion made by a 4-year-old ::
paper evening dresses  :: fashion made by a 4-year-old ::

photo credit | more info & photos of these Incredible paper dresses:

I just love it and had to share it with you.

Sorry, no paper dress patterns nor fashion evening dress patterns.  But then again,this 4-year-old girl did not seem to need a sewing pattern either. Only craft paper, Scotts tape and scissors she needed. Seems that she has been endowed by nature with an astounding creativity.

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