Could also be called “Frivolous Paper Dress for Costume Parties & Theatre Shows”

OK. That was the ‘how to make a simple paper dress‘- idea, using craft crêpe paper. Now, let’s feast our eyes on the fancier paper dress ideas out there.

The disposable cult from the 60’s has come and gone, but paper dresses have stayed here for ever.  Sophisticated paper dresses are still used for Halloween parties or ball masques, and as theatre costumes.

A sophisticated Ballerina Costume, made with crepe paper, at a ‘Makers Faire’ craft show.

Complete with adorable hat.

A Halloween costume of a simple yet sophisticated design ~ equally suitable for the Carnival in Venice.

From: Makers Faire | Ann-Denise Anderson

ballerina crepe paper dress_whim and fancy designshalloween paper dress whim and fancy designs

Making these more involved costumes will take longer than 1/2 an hour… (think: days) and will require more tools as well. Consider stitching the dress together, use a dress form, as well as a dress pattern.

Dress Forms & Paper Dresses as Art

If you want to make a funky, fancy dress, it’s best to create a paper mache dress form. The form can help you get your measurements rights, will facilitate the process of detailing your dress, and last but not least, the form come is handy when you want to display your artsy paper dress, before & after it’s been worn.

In particular, a dress form also allows you to  submit it for an art show.

Paper Mache
Dress Form

Kalamity Kim offers free step-by-step, illustrated instructions on how to make a paper mache dress form.

Click here for her free paper mache dress form tutorial.

Click here for a good paper mache recipe.

Paper Dress
as Object d’Arte

Besides her free dress making tutorial, Kim also inspired the artistic side in us and showcases one of her paper dresses.

You will see in her free craft instructions that she uses all kinds of paper: crepe paper, news paper, brown craft paper, illustrated book pages, paper cut illustrations, and paper gauze.

how to make a paper dress formpaper dress bodice

super easy diy accessories

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