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:: Learn Quilling Paper :: Paper Craft Artist Yulia Brodskaya Inspires Me Today. She is a London-based but Russia-born graphic designer and illustrator. Of late, Yulia’s quilling paper has been really popular with advertising agencies and the media, who have shown loads of her work. If you live in London, no doubt you will have seen the gorgeous commercials she has created. She gives cache to the likes of Starbucks, the Guardian and even Knitters Magazine.

Yulia probably get lots of money for her wares as a ‘commercial artist’, but I consider her a ‘true artist’ as well. Here are 5 pieces of Yulia’s work for you to feast your eyes on and be inspired, like me. Thank you, Yulia.

How to Quil Paper — with Paper Art Inspiration by Yulia Brodskaya

Let me start with just inspiring you with gorgeous paper art by Yulia.


I feel lots of love for this ‘big heart’ art work by Yulia Brodskaya! Great piece! paper craft

Free Video Tutorial to Learn Quilling Paper below:
Get your hand at making something like this yourself. Here’s a free video tutorial on how to quil paper. Then, look at Yulia’s work for inspiration and design your own design. Go with bright, warm colored paper for a cheery result.

Another Yulia’s Valentine Quilling Paper Inspiration: ‘I Love You’

paper quilling artist Yulia Brodskaya i love you

Darwin’s Wrong

paper craft

… Darwin was Wrong

(cutting the tree of life).

Let your spirit be lifted

paper craft

Use yours..

Power of Imagination

Learn more about Yulia’s art/ image credit: Interview with Yulia Brodskaya or, go straight to

Ready??? Now it’s your turn! Here are your beginners’ paper quilling tools, plus a comprehensive free video tutorial which sets out a wide range of quilling shapes, from which you can make beautiful designs. Let’s get to action.

Get your supplies: Beginners Quilling Tool Kit

This is the Beginner Quilling Kit that everyone loves. It is made by Quilled Creations. To complement, or once you have used up the basic supplies in the kit, you’ll need some beautiful acid free paper strips, such as this Lake City Craft Quilling Paper 1/8-Inch 100-Pack with 25 Colors.

And, if you want to get serious with quilling paper, consider getting your own paper strip-maker, as you’ll save yourself heaps of money in the long run. I would not buy this right away (unless you need a home shredder for your confidential paperwork) but only if you decide that paper quilling is for you.

PAPER QUILLING Quilled STRIPS cutter Shredder fringe Home Office desktop manual compact NO PLUGGIN NEEDED for designs illustrations art ornaments

Now you know what supplies to get, it’s time to learn how to do it.

Free Paper Quilling Tutorial Video

Here is an extensive free video class on how to create a variety of quilled paper shapes.

After you master these techniques, you are ready to start to design a more complex design using these various quilled paper shapes. Just begin. After a while, you’ll be as good as Yulia. Maybe. Who knows… Show off your creations at our linky party, will you, or email me and/or leave me a comment below with your photos. Or at our FB page, or at Google +…. You get the pictures. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Quilling Paper Books – Yulia Brodaska

I was just pondering how great it would be if there would be a book out by Yulia, and I realize that there are a few books that indeed cover her work, as well as others.

Yulia is doing a project in this book, Paper Cut: An Exploration Into the Contemporary World of Papercraft Art and Illustration

Paper Cutting Book: Contemporary Artists, Timeless Craft