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I love ‘closet’- home offices, that have your entire workspace neatly packed into one single corner of the house. 

How to Paint a Desk

I realize that while I don’t have deep closets to covert into offices, I need not despair. I just spotted this DIY painted hutch/desk project that transformed this simple, boring beige desk into an modern, elegant desk, by the mere choice of its paint color!! Painting a piece of furniture in the right color, and adding elegant home décor objects on and around it, will have a perfectly similar warm and convenient effect. All paperwork conveniently in one place, without the clutter of a messy desk.

Katie from Clarendon Lane explains that it is much more fun / easier to decorate with wall-covering furniture pieces than it is to decorate the wall directly.

DIY Elegant, Luxurious Desk with Bookshelves

desk hutch painted  furniture diy ::

The Right Color Paint

The specific paint used for this hutch is “Earthy Stoneware” by Better Homes and Gardens. The top of the hutch looks a bit different in color tone than the main desk below. That’s because of the light shed on it. It’s exactly the same color paint.

When selecting paint color for your living room, be sure to also read this article: Warm Greys for Winter Walls.

Photo credit: Katie from Clarendon Lane (a stopped blogged)

hutch before

as this blog is no longer life, I thought to also show you the ‘before’-picture of this hutch, so that you can see the difference the makeover effect of this painting job is.

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