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About a week ago, a reader needed a bit of encouragement to get back into the swing of painting. I gave her the tip of what usually works for me, which is just to start prepping my workspace, organizing my brushes, looking through my supplies etc and before I know it, I’m back in business, or rather, I’m back in art.


As a further encouragement I promised to write something about painting on the blog. I heartly write about painting or drawing, as I consider being able to (read: allowing myself the freedom, time and space) to paint, to be the most luxurious thing in the world. (I rather do that, that being on some yacht going around the Australian coast. I already did that, btw. It sounds very glamorous to be on a giant ocean-worthy multi-million dollar private catamaran. But, on a most fundamental level, it wasn’t glamorous at all! I was seasick!!! Ha ha… Hence, my preference for painting.. :-)

Back to ‘what to write today’: I was musing about what would be of use to this reader as well as you, and came up with the idea of offering you a brushes overview. An paint brush overview of which brush for what kind of painting application. Very useful reference material, which all painters must bookmark (or Pinterest).




Tutorial on how to use paint brushes ::


You need to know your brushes for craft and painting, but also when you want to do detailed furniture painting and faux-finishing around the house. Heck, even useful for fabric painting and decorating your own t-shirt or scarf with fabric paint.

Is it useful for you?




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