A Cool Owl Applique Pattern Jazzes it up!

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Let’s sew on an owl appliqué. DAY 2 in OWL-WEEK.

‘Cause with this creative owl appliqué pattern you can literally jazz up anything.


owl applique pattern

Designer Lauren from the Ruthie Pearl-blog did just this. She brilliantly transformed her little girl’s brown jacket from boyish to super-cute and girly with some very creative owl appliqués.

From Plain to Designer Jacket … it’s in the Extras

free downloadable owl applique pattern

You can tell Lauren has been trained by a pro-tailor by the extra features she has added onto the jacket. E.g. she sew some ruffles of the same fabric as the owl to the sleeves for extra kicks and drama. The whole jacket looks adorable! 

Get Your Free Downloadable Owl Applique Pattern

source / more info : Ruthie Pearl. The story behind this blog name is pretty cute. It is the name of Lauren’s beloved seamstress grandmother, who taught her how to design .. anything , including owls!!

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