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Here’s a simply DIY solution you can prep this afternoon, to let you cool down in style and ease when the summer heat is smoldering:

By snaking this garden hose around tree branches, it transforms into a little crazy outdoor shower, which will become the oasis in your garden.

 outdoor shower

outdoor shower

(Images: Studio Dreyer Hensley for Sweet Paul.)


How to Make This Outdoor Shower

1. Fasten a large shower head to a long hose.

2. Fastened the shower head on a big tree branch.

3. Turn on the tap.

It works like a dream come true….,

all summer long.



Want a bit more….

… privacy? .. a shower curtain, as a minumum? … more comfort, storage, seclusion or being closer to the house ? Check out these other whimsical patio & garden showers ideas.


Your solution: add a colorful shower curtain on a spunky wrap- around rail.

outdoor shower curve curtain-


(Image above & below:
Create an inviting atmosphere in your outdoor shower with fresh flowers and convenient storage.



Research & Order Materials

Outdoor Shower Hardware, eg. Drench Shower
outdoor drench shower
Solar Shower
Curved Shower Curtain Rail

Fun Storage
Crab Net, for Funky Storage
Rope ladder – to collect towels
Barnwood Ladder with Carrying Caddies

Outdoor Shower Seats,
Wooden Panels

Spacial Definition
Garden Trellis & Arbors


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