Oh, the pressure of Valentine, year after year…. Most men dread the day or rather the implied obligation, I think.

Original Valentine Cards

Looking beyond the social obligation, however, I think all want to do something kind and ideally, we’re all looking for some real originality? Something really NON-frilly, yet romantic? This is tough to find this, isn’t it?!

Here’s an idea from Rose. She’s found you this really cool tool to create cool catalogue cards. These are the cards that you used to be able to find in your library back home when you were a child.

(Incidentally, in the little village here in Italy where we live, just outside of Rome, they still use them to catalog their books. Yes, amazing!!!)

Original Valentine Cards

Poetic Home came up with the idea of writing a card for all the major love events in her and her hubby’s life together.

She turned the cards into an anniversary diary system ~ a thought which I adore.

You can build upon this for your own Valentines Day idea, and can make one card or a set of cards. What’s particularly neat about this catalog card making tool, is that every time you use it, it gives you a different kind of library catalog card.

And there you are: Valentine Cards made for me,…. he… for men, I mean.


friendship bracelet

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