Original Easter craft ideas to make it fun & festive!

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No matter what your craft medium might be, here are 5 original Easter craft ideas for you:

1. SEWING: Carrots for the Easter Bunny

original easter craft ideas - easter bunny carrots free sewing pattern

These great looking carrots give a fun whimsical note to your Easter Brunch table. You can fill them with chocolates and give them as gifts to guests. Or you could enlarge them and make them into pillows. Or, keep them just the size of the tutorial and they make nice place settings.

Learn more:

Free Tutorial by Clare’s Craftroom

2. FLOWERS: Easter Flower Centerpiece: Vintage Milk Jug w Easter Flowers & Toy Eggs

original easter craft ideas - easter flowers bouquet eggs

For this whimsical, casual Easter table centerpiece, I’ve filled this vintage 1 liter milk jug (a ‘family heirloom’) with Easter basket straw, some of my decorated Kinder Easter eggs (for an Easter Egg scavenger hunt), some flowers and a baby chick for an easy, fun and festive table decoration.

By Rose, FineCraftGuild

3. BAKING: 100% Cute Bunny Cake Pops

Imagine that you could actually make these? Seems a daunting project to me, but then again, I’m off sugar completely, so the incentive to go those extra 5 miles for sugary sweeties is just not there with me. However, there’s no denying: these Easter bunnies are 100% cute. Make great gifts.

By Bakerella. (free craft tutorial.)

4. HAND-SEWING PUPPETS: Burlap Easter Bunny in a Bucket

Best Easter Bunny tutorial

Want to make this craft? Here are some fabulous deals on burlap fabric (Learn more or purchase on Amazon).

Easter craft idea by Maluukonen

5.  PAPER CRAFT & SCRAPBOOKING: Easy Bunny Easter Card

easter bunny card

No tutorial is needed. Just copy the card design with the tools and embellishments that you have on hand. 

Create your own version of an Easter Bunny Greeting Card.  

Other ideas: make great Easter Brunch table place setting cards or menus with similar design.

Image source: unknown. (if you know the maker, let us know)

6. MIXED MEDIA: DIY Easter Decor : Fun Easter Garland

This is a personal favorite. Very easy to make, and adds great whimsy to your Easter home decor. Simply follow a pattern of ribbons, embellished hand cut flower from craft paper, or recycled cardboard, eggs from recycled wrapping paper, and with a glue gun, add them to several strings of raffia.

easter paper raffia ribbon garland

These last 2 original easter craft ideas were in my ‘inspiration’ file (my file of stuff that ‘I want to make my own versions of, one day).

I am still to make my own versions, but I nonetheless want to share these non-sourced inspirations with you.

I recall the garland was for sale.

Not sure about the Easter bunny card.

Image source: I think it was Pier 1?

Original Easter Craft Ideas

Easter is a perfect time to get creative and make any of these fun easter ideas with the kids.

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