2 Original Crochet Ideas: Reiki Doll & Bikini Tank Top with Fringe

Crochet Patterns

Amongst the submissions of our last linky party, I spotted two VERY ORIGINAL crochet projects that I want to feature today.

  1. Crochet Summer Bikini Tank Top with Fringe

  2. Crochet Reiki Doll

    • Original Crochet Ideas featured at FineCraftGuild.com - Reiki doll Laura from Over the Apple Tree made this wonderful gift for a friend. A reiki doll. It is used to give distance energy. Each of the colors represent a different chakra.
      More: Over the apple tree

And there you have it: 2 very original crochet ideas for you. Which one you prefer? What are you making this morning, dear??!

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