How to Make an Origami Butterfly

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I’ve been playing with paper and made an origami butterfly ~ that ancient symbol of transformation.  Think I need a thousand more and make a wall curtain or at least a butterfly mobile out of them.
Cute, hey?!

Origami Butterfly

origami butterfly

Origami Butterfly Tutorial

Material Needs

Beyond a pair of scissors, you need only paper. ‘What kind of paper?’  ~ that’s the question.

For our first butterfly (see illustrations of this tutorial), we can just use a regular sheet of office paper. Costs nothing, and works rather well. You can decorate it later with markers or a sharpie, or leave it white, like an angel in the night.

When you are ready to make more, then, I suggest you experiment with colored origami paper, or fancy Washi origami paper (which is less expensive than you think, btw.)


Tip: Origami paper is made for origami, and it tends to be perfect for miniature paper art and tiny folds. It pays to be neat in origami, so I urge you to make exact corners and perfect creases.

Step-by-Step Origami Butterfly Tutorial

Here is how you make your own butterfly.

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