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My Canadian friends came just back from a fancy Japanese restaurant in Brighton, with a whole stack of origami folding ideas. They told me how much fun they had. Origami Animals are a cool crafts kids can do. A perfect summer vacation activity. With these free tutorials for origami animals, you and your kids can easily make a forest, farm, sea or zoo.

Origami Animals Folding Instructions

I started making origami hearts. Then I made the butterflies. Hopefully, you followed along…. Now I invite you to make a world of origami animals with me:

Origami Fox

This origami fox designed by Daniel Chang is my favorite. I love how the brown and the white paper line up to create fox-like details. To me, that’s origami at its best.

origami animals, origami fox, photo by HowAboutOrange
BABY FOX Origami template designed by Daniel Chang at KeepFoldingOn: Download

Origami Elephant

Li Jun’s origami elephant is just too cute!!! Where is the folding paper?! I want to make one.

origami animals, origami elephant
ELEPHANT Origami Tutorial video by Yo Nakashima of Li Jun’s design: Download

Origami Whale

Another great design is this origami whale. Aparently, it’s a traditional origami folding model, although I had not seen this one before.

origami animals, origami whale, photo by HowAboutOrange

WHALE Origami tutorial, aparently a traditional model, obtain the tutorial via Origami-make: Download

Photo credit for all three animals:

Origami Butterfly

You might also like to try our very detailed step-by-step tutorial to make this stunning Origami Butterfly.
Origami animals, origami butterfly, photo by

Create Your Own Worlds or HABITATS for your Origami Animals with these free Printables /Downloads

  • FOREST HABITAT, paper craft background for wall art, by JessicaJones from Download
  • SEA HABITAT, paper craft background for wall art, also by Jessica: Download.

The woods and the sea templates allow you to make adorable wall art featuring your origami project. Or glue them onto a recycled cereal box cut into a stage to make a wonderful environment for your kids to play with their new paper toys.

Learn from Akira Yoshizawa, the Master of Modern Origami

I just learned from an origami-aficionado who wrote to me about this article that the first origami butterflies were designed by Akira Yoshizawa. According to her, he is the founder of modern Origami.

Have a look at his AWESOME, brand-new origami book called ‘Akira Yoshizawa, Japan’s Greatest Origami Master’, featuring over 60 Models and 1000 Diagrams by the Master (origami monkeys, crickets, goldfish, pinguins, trees, grass, Japanese wizards and monks and so much more!)

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