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I don’t know about you but besides the fun excitement of your kids going back to school, in a new grade, seeing old friends and making new ones, I relish the fact that it is time to come back to my own. Life as I know it was meant, in the in between time, that is more centered around ME.organizing challenge :: free chart :: FineCraftGuild.com

Before I can embark on work projects, I have this OUTLANDISH urge to create order in the chaos.

That includes reducing the color scheme, the number of decorating accessories on display, to file last school year’s drawings and diplomas, to put closure on half-finished projects and to create schedules and lists. Yep, now is the perfect time to introduce meal planning to your family. To schedule regular bedtime and chore charts. Etc.

Someone once said that I had to look up the word ‘fine’ in fine craft guild, and I realize that a home organizing chart might have little to do directly with fine craft. So, if that bothers you, please don’t read this article. There are 1300 craft and DIY projects of which half or so are (could be) akin to art, while the rest are mere creative ideas that you in fact might like to have around if you are a creative soul who wish to express her creativity in your home, beyond the paintings you make.

OK. For moms who are getting their lives back at home, here’s a list of 40 projects to do to create ORDER BACK INTO YOUR HOME. I came across this list on Pinterest but unfortunately it linked to a spam site. So, I am saving you that embarrassment and brought it to you here.


My Own DIY Home Organizing Chart

free organizing chart :: FineCraftGuild.com

On my home organizing chart for this year are these pointers:

1. Do all laundry and put away all Spring & summer clothes, except those that extend into Fall.

2. Meal planning, online grocery ordering and freezer organization.  I must get into the brilliant habit of these wonderful, time saving ideas.

And then, of course…

3.  I don’t know if you recall, but I free printable home organizing chart before.

My urgent ‘small areas’ this year:  makeup and toiletry bags,  medicine cabinet, the shower bottles area, each single kitchen cabinet, any counter, the food pantry, cook books area,  coupons and loyalty cards – pile, vacation receipts pile.

I find tackling small areas the most practical and satisfying way of house organizing and cleaning: Can be done fast. Gives you a sense of accomplishment. Gets you to cross something off your list and so gives you encouragement to do your whole list, one day soon.

Tackling small areas to me means to clean, organize, order things.  You may need a new organizers* or so.  And you may need to throw away things that are really finished, old and to be discarded. 

E.g. makeup & toiletry bags: throw away those ‘forever nearly finished’ lipsticks that are 8 years old. Yep. I have a few fabulous colored Chanel lipsticks that I continued using a lipstick applicator brush. But it’s time to move on, and get this season’s lipstick color onto the bathroom shelf now.  As well, if you’d been on a long vacation trip like I have, you’ll have travel toiletry bags laying around which content must be re-integrated with your regular supplies.

Another example is garden clean-up: throw away the excess of plastics (and ‘stuff’) from the garden,  the shed, the garden house and the garage.  That includes nearly-empty bags with earth, mini plastic seedling plant pots, plastic trays that seemed handy but that were never used, recycled plastic bottles that were used for watering plants this summer, etc. It is amazing how much you’ll find once you are going around with an open (recycling) garbage bag.


DIY Projects for Various Organizers

Organizing My Mind

This year, I also have an incredible urge to organize my mind, to be able to make some quantum leaps till December this year, and do this:

1. Create focus-cards for around the house, with sayings and questions like:

  • Are you having fun? (living room)
  • Is what you are cooking healthy? (kitchen)
  • Is your current project impactful? Is your current activity impactful ? (home office)
  • Is this original, beautiful, creative & is someone actually going to use/want this? (craft room)
  • If your worry is warranted, what can you do about it ? (bedroom. Actually I need to hang this sign up ‘in my head’, in case I wake up after having drunk wine with sulfur.)

Then I want to match each reality with affirmations that are the anti-dote of any unwanted answer.   This will be the fun bit. I like making affirmation cards.

Anyhow, you get my picture. Sometimes Too often, I find myself drifting off into Pinterest-inspired creations that are really not that ‘me’ nor ‘helpful’.   I want to stop that ‘habit’.  And I want to instill living mindfully, peacefully and happily without any guilt, even when I’m not ‘productive’. So, these cards are going to be my tool in the balancing act.

2.  Create project lists and task lists.

Of course, project plans and task lists are a no-brainer. However… I often don’t make them. So, that’s all changing as of today. Lists, lists, everywhere!  Let the new organized ME appear!

And when I get around to doing ALL THAT, … we’re in November… Just in time for ‘last minute’ Holiday arrangements. Smile.

Have a good day!


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