Home Organization Charts – Free Printable


Here’s something for your home organization binder. Today I’ve created a freebie for you: a home organization chart! A chore chart, really. With the kids home 24/7 no doubt the house is slowly but surely become a mess. Or at least, a bit messier than usual.

If you still want to feel comfortable enough with your level of cleanliness and order, you may need a little help. Which is why I created this home organization chart for you all.

This chore chart template offers you both a challenge and a check- list of organizing tips suggesting youto tackle only 1 area a day. Go around your home organizing it project-by-project.

Print yourself a couple of these freebies, as it is a great tool for other times and locations, such as something to hang in the beach house, for ‘back-to-school’ times and the prep times before the holidays.


organizing chart free print :: finecraftguild.com

Click on image for larger version to print.

A free printable from yours truly.

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