Best Orange-glazed Salmon Recipe Ever


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This tangy baked salmon with orange recipe will sure delight and surprise you with its wonderfully rich flavor. It’s an easy to prepare recipe that you’ll just pop in the oven without too much ado, and it comes out as one dish of deliciousness!

I discovered this recipe by sheer luck: one day, I did not have any lemons to add to my salmon dish and I threw in an orange instead. And wow! Out popped a perfect flavor combination. Here I am sharing with you a slightly perfected recipe.

Orange glazed salmon recipe by
Orange-glazed Salmon Recipe

Now, I suggest you taste your orange first, because oranges can vary significantly in flavor and sweetness. If your orange is really tangy, you may wish to either add a tat of sweetness (sugar/stevia/etc), or add the orange to your dish after your salmon has been in the oven for 10 minutes.

For 3 Servings.


  • 3 salmon steaks
  • 1 orange, cut in slices + zest of that same orange, cut into tiny slivers (with the white of the peel discarded)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste (I use this very sparingly)
  • Sprinkle of a milt leafy green for decoration (and flavor)
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • (optional: 1 teaspoon of sugar, to use if your orange is very tangy)
  • Balsamic vinegar

Directions to make this Orange-glazed Salmon Recipe

  • Place salmon steaks in a pre-greased oven dish.
  • Arrange orange slices and orange zest on top of steaks
  • Sprinkle over salt, pepper, and olive oil
  • Place pan in a preheated oven (200 C| 400 F) and bake till the salmon is flakey (approx 15 min, dependent on thickness of steak).
  • Sprinkle over a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar and some green toppings for garnish before serving.

Serve with a simple salad and crusty bread or jasmine rice.

Easy lunch or dinner, that’s festive and light.

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