One Skein Scarf Knitting Pattern with Stripes

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Finally a new scarf on the blog! Overdue post for FineCraftGuild! But beautiful, I think, this one skein scarf knitting pattern with stripes. Lovely stripes, I might add.

And the look of the scarf changes dramatically dependent on how you are wearing it.

One Skein Scarf Knitting Pattern with Stripes – Look 1

One Skein Scarf Knitting Pattern with Stripes – Look 2

One Skein Scarf Knitting Pattern with Stripes - by Rose, Knitting & More

But the path it took me to get here and design this – was not without some major bumps!

I sat there on the sofa in utter disbelief. The whole XMAS break I had been happily learning to make a new kind of scarf: a curved scarf. With lots of different color blocks. The yarn was called ‘Pantone’ and I had instantly fallen in love with the colors last summer.

Packaging matters: The picture on the yarn was of a gorgous summer sunset, with lovely red, yellow & blues in the sky, and Pantone swatches next to it. The balls in these same colors were presented in a ‘braid’ of ‘must have’ yarn:

Right next to the yarn display in Michaels was a picture of this scarf and the note: you can make this with this yarn. I instantly loved its happy stripes.

My yarn trip to Michaels was during my vacation in California, and voila — I had found the perfect holiday present for myself. Wonderful. Michaels even had a small sale on — if I ever needed a bit more encouragement. Oh, and did I say that this is bamboo yarn, with a lovely shine to it.

So, armed with this yarn, I started knitting just this Christmas past. I loved the curves. And I finally learned how to increase in a most spectactular, asymmetrical way.

One Skein Scarf Knitting Pattern with Stripes- Look 3

But then.. I found myself getting near the end of my yarn, but not near the end of the pattern …. Wait a minute. How is this supposed to work? I re- read the pattern over again – twice – and only then notice the verdict: one needs 4 skeins of the yarn to make the scarf.

Dumbfounded. I had only bought one skein of this color way as Micheal’s display had me believe it was a 1 skein wonder!

So, to make a long story short: I ripped out a whole bunch of rows, and got to work: I made my own scarf design. And here it is: a one skein wonder of a striped scarflette.

It came out as a really neat original design — even if I say so myself. What do you guys think? Would you like the knitting pattern for this one skein wonder? Leave me a comment below if you do.

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