Father’s Day Card for Dads Who Work in the Office (a lot)

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If you have an Office Executive – type of a dad, you can give him this ‘paperclips and post-it note’ Father’s Day Card .  He is sure to be in his element with it.


free fathers day card Click on the image on the right here to download your free greeting card.  Print it on nice thick card stock.


Complementary Gift Ideas

Since your dad is obviously a busy dad, who values his time, why not give him a gift of time, whereby you’ll take on one of his chores for a few weeks.

You could wash the car, inside and out; clean up the garage; do the dishes for a week; mow the lawn; and I’m sure you can think of a million of other time consuming things. BIG BONUS: when you help your dad out with these things, he will have more time available to play with you!!!!

Free Card Series

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