50+ No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Easy Halloween crafts. Get creative with your Halloween decorations this Fall and give your pumpkins some personality and styling. Here are 50+ No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for you.

T’is the season. Fall leaves are falling. Veggies growing in abundance. Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up. Pumpkin decorating ideas are on my mind. On your mind too? Let me share 50+ no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas for excellent Fall displays. These Fall / Halloween decorations are lovely and fast to produce.

50+ No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas – The Highlights

Funky Pumpkins

pumpkins ombre paint
Photo: fun.kyti.me

Fun.kyti.me’s Ombre Pumpkin Decorating Ideas involve simple, cheery and unconventional Fall season decorations. Which happy child would not want to live in the house that has these on the porch?!

As this site is no longer on the internet (which is really TOO BAD), let me share the 4 simple steps with you to make pumpkins just like these: 1: Spray paint the pumpkin white (as a base). 2: Paint the bottom with the darkest hue. Pink in this case. 3: Paint the center orange. Next, paint the 3rd section with your lightest color, white. 4: Blend the colors together with a slightly wet cotton ball , until areas and lines bleed together.

Twine Pumpkins

I love this twine-covered pumpkin decorating idea. Twine is such versatile material. It is natural & rustic. Cheap. Use it to create original looking pumpkins.

Plaids Pumpkin Designs

Pumpkin decorating ideas w plaids :: FineCraftGuild.com
Photo by BHG

Just how trendy can it get with pumpkin decorating ideas using plaids?!!! These plaid pumpkins are Burberry-splendid, aren’t they?! I love plaids in every shape or forms. Use Washi-tape or or glue on ribbons for beautiful home decorating results.

Preppy Pumpkin Ideas

Elegance and style, resulting from an hour of playing with a Sharpie to create this gorgeous Louis Vuitton-inspired pumpkin. Don’t stop there. Add a Chanel and/or Valentino logo to some other pumpkins to create a fashion designer inspired trio of Pumpkin splendor.

Spruce it up w Copper Pumpkins

Cool Ethnic Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Cool Ethnic Pumpkin Decorating Ideas :: FineCraftGuild.com
Photo by BHG

Love myself some cool ethnic pumpkin decorating ideas as BHG came up with here. The Greek patterned tray is the perfect complement to the pumpkin carvings.

Never carve the same way twice. This pumpkin carving is more of an ethnic painting rather than a carved pumpkin decorating idea… Love the results, though.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas w Chrysanthemums

pumpkin decorating ideas with chrysanthemums
Photo by Lowes

Growing Mums? Transform a bunch of flowers into a gorgeous pumpkin table arrangement. While Lowes suggest you poke holes in a real actual pumpkin and put the flowers in that, I suggest you get florist foam, shape that in a pumpkin form and add the flowers to that. Water if frequently as needed. It will make your unique & beautiful party table decoration last for weeks instead of a mere afternoon…

Thats’ just the first 8. There are many, many more ideas to check out:

9. Pumpkin decorating ideas w argyle
Easy, sophisticated Halloween decorating theme is to deploy classic argyle. When applied as a pumpkin decorating idea it has a sense of whimsy as well as sophistication.

10. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Pippie Longstocking
Create some whimsy in your garden with these faux Pippi Longstocking legs hanging over the side of some large pumpkins. Puts a smile on the face of everyone arriving at your door. Great for families with kids or those young at heart.

11. DIY Chevron Pumpkin Decorating Idea
This chevron pattern offers fresh, contemporary pumpkin decorating ideas that anyone can create with a bit of washi tape.

12. Princess Pastel Stacked Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
Love the surprising pastel color scheme for the Fall season. This princess-theme pumpkin stack makes for a fun party decor as well as porch splendor.

13. Pumpkin decorating Ideas Melted Crayons
A #1 favorite way for kids to decorate pumpkins is with crayons. These melted crayons poured over pumpkins offer unique pumpkin decorating ideas. Be careful of hot liquid and kids.

14. No carve pumpkin decorations
These no carve pumpkin decorations are more involved. First paint them off-white. Then, be inspired by indian designs and embellish away… Makes for a fun Saturday afternoon.

15. Fabric Pumpkins
These have become the rage as season cushion alternatives. Pumpkin pillows, I call them. However, you can fill them with ‘whatever’, use scrap fabric and leave them outdoors near the porch too! Fun Fall Pumpkin decorating idea.

16. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas with Ric Rac
This gorgeous Fall vignette features simple pumpkin decorating with ric rac. So easy: kids can do this. The result: sophisticated Fall decor.

17. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Mercury Glass
As seen in the Pottery Barn. Spend $25 -$40 for a small or large pumpkin or DIY for cheap. Here’s the How-…

These are the highlights! To find all 50 pumpkin decorating ideas, see the links below.

Your favorite Pumpkin Decorating Ideas?

Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite pumpkin designs. Overall, painting your pumpkins seems to be a favorite way to transform them from the ordinary into unique Fall displays. Another popular craft is to cover the pumpkins in fabric or lace. Who says pumpkins can’t pull off polka dots? Or chevron stripes? Choose a style that befits your home and tie in the kids’ wishes.

 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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