New Years Table Centerpiece Ideas

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We all celebrate New Year’s Eve in our own merry way. This year, my hubby & I are not planning to give a party but to kind of quietly stay at home instead…, (although Italy is FULL OF SURPRISES and one can never  be sure as to what kind of fun might actually happen…). But these New Years Table Centerpiece ideas are just fun, no matter how you celebrate the ticking over of the years.

Centerpieces have that bit of magic and will create a bit of atmosphere throughout the evening, add some ‘bang’ at midnight, and ideally won’t cost hours ‘n’ hours of crafting or decorating work on my part.

Let me share four ideas. Do one or do all!

Inspirational New Year Table Centerpiece Ideas

1. Unique, Rustic, Calm Candle Display

What’s so special: the mesh, the vintage clock, the orange pomanders, the vintage ‘Happy New Year’ tag, and last but not least, the ease that it’s all group together. Not this picture, but as a bonus: a tag reminding us to get the champagne out of the fridge!

Image source: DIY Showoff (

New years table center piece

2. Pretty Noisemakers for Instant Party Bang at Midnight


What’s so special: pretty, easy, fun.

Pretty: love that construction paper & thin art paper wrapped around each store bought noisemaker/horn. Will look great next to a bottle of champagne. Easy: just wrap it around and secure with sticky tape, and cut top into long strips. Fun to look at, and gives an instant party feel to the evening, even though it’s just you and your hubby…  + noisemakers can be recycled for future party use. Love that green aspect of it too.

My take: I might like to add some sparkles or glitter on the paper ends, to give it a bit more dazzle.

image source: bhg

3-4. Display Golden Bubbly Champagne without the Alcohol

These are new years table centerpiece option 3 and 4.

Better Home & Garden’s fortune bubbles may not be as photogenic as Martha Stewart’s glorious glitter large sorbet glasses filled with gold and clear ball-shaped ornaments. Both are to simulate real champagne bubbles, but the BHG balls with gold ribbons contain the wishes of you and your guests for the next year.

Pairing the ideas will give both splash &bubbly_champagne_centerpiece_martha be a fun activity. Again: easy to do. We can write the wishes for the new year during the evening and then add them to the glasses as we go along.

image source: bhg

My take: perhaps we can make some special bubbles with new year resolutions….., and keep those on display for a while….

image credit: martha

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