A New Blog Design for Fine Craft Guild

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Hip, hip, hurray: We have a new site design !!!

The main benefits are all about you being able to find what’s there, and to enjoy it! We feature over 1000 tutorials, so chances are, we have exactly what you are looking for. Now we hope you can actually find it!

Some of the New features:

  • On the homepage, you can now find the latest post in a range of categories.
  • In each article, the right sidebar now gives you related categories & tags, so you can see more related pages.
  • Our new server should load the pages faster for you.
  • We are revamping our shop, as there will be many new crochet & other patterns featured this year.
  • We’ve updated our site with a new blog theme, and color scheme to feature Pantone’s latest fashion trends, and we have done our best to make things around here to look prettier, such as ads blending in better. All this is to give you a better site user experience.
  • We still have some tweaking to do and some beautiful graphics to finalize, but most of the new site is functional today. Have any questions/comments? Let me know.

Next on our list is our newsletter.  We will soon give you a regular beautiful newsletter again, as I have been promising for years, but which was stopped several month ago as we realized it needed upgrading. So, soon, you’ll get an equally beautiful newsletter too!


A Stitch Above




And with our new site that we are striving to become ‘a stitch above’, I am starting also a new series called ‘A Stitch Above’ that will be showcasing other DIY, home decorating and craft bloggers.   Every third Monday of the month I’m inviting an artist~blogger whose work and artistic ability is really ‘a stitch above’ the rest to teach you a current project, so as to help you elevate your creative ability too. Consider it a free craft class.

Today, I am so excited to announce the first in this series, Mette from MonstersCircus, with a fantastic tutorial on how to make unique Easter decorations, i.e. Leather Easter Eggs! 



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