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When browsing around for patterns for the sunnier Spring days and summer, I came across this gem of a nautical womens top free sewing pattern.  It has ‘classic nautical blue/white stripes, which are then complemented by a flattering peach color-block around the face.

I would like to note that the sleeves are really easy: just added to the body section of the pattern and they will spill over your shoulders. As well, the t-shirt is wide at the shoulder and with its wide neck opening, it will/may at time flip over to one side, given it both a casual and somewhat a-symmetrical look. All these are benefits.

Nautical Womens Top - Free Sewing Patterns -

A simple Color-Block Shirt Sewing Pattern & Tutorial


You’ll need some scraps/strips of different coloured jersey or interlock fabrics, a double needle for the hemming, and a measuring tape.

Seam allowances are 1/4″.

The measurements are a bit cryptic however, they are also great as you can adjust the size of your shirt to YOUR actual size. So, let me explain the measurement formula with a simple example:  

Start with measuring your hips circumference.

Say, it’s 40 inches all around, or 20″ for the front and 20″ for the back.

If the width of your fabric is 28 inches, it is half your hip’s circumference (20) plus 8 inches extra.

On the pattern piece for the shirt, the bottom is 1/4 hip + 2, so for me that was 12 inches across, because 1/4 of 40 is 10, then I added 2. 

Right? Easy enough.

Tip for Wearing your Nautical Shirt Pattern

I ‘d like you to pay attention to these lovely flowing, but wide arm opening. You must wear a t-shirt under this, or otherwise either your private parts or your bra will peak through the arm holes. Mmmm….

Of, if you don’t want to have to wear a shirt under this top, do this:

1)  Don’t make the arm openings as large. That way you will lose a bit of that lovely ‘wing’ effect that the sleeve currently has.

Or, you could stitch it a bit more closed afterwards, by hand: I have a shirt exactly like this, and simply have given it a few stitches, about 4” from the bottom of the arm hole, tying the front and back together. That did it for me.

2) You could cut yourself a ‘long’ thin V strip (of say 5 inches, including seam allowance) and sew that inside the arm hole opening. You will have to wear the top and pin it in position in order to get this to be placed right. Don’t simple add this to the sides of the fabric.

As well, not everyone is keen on having shirts fall of the shoulders. This is so simply fixed by taking two little strips of fabric, the same width as loops for a pants belt, i.e. about 1/4”, or spaghetti straps, and sew these on the inside of the color, about 2 “ from your neck, on both sides. use these strips to attach the shirt to your bra straps. :-)

Source: — As this site has now gone belly-up, I shall share the pattern with you here, crediting Alida, of course. Thanks, Alida.


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