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Nautical Decorative Pillows – Sewing Pattern: today I thought to share with you the very first project I have made with my new sewing machine, that I bought a few weeks ago at Amazon.  I bought this one: and I can not no be happier with it.   I highly recommend it, and I think I should write a post about it, to clarify what the difference is between some of the sewing machines out there. How come I always drift off topic…..

OK. Back to the first project: I had lots of fun designing and sewing these nautical decorative pillows with you. Actually, I made just one pillow, but you can make many pillows with the pattern… ahum.

Nautical Decorative Pillows Sewing Pattern

Nautical Decorative Pillows - Sewing Pattern

I honed my skills at piping.

I am showcasing a few different stitches and the effect of it.

Like my zigzag stitches around the boat’s sail… just like a ‘real sail’.

Nautical Decorative Pillows - Sewing Pattern

For fun, whimsy and drama, I left the sails lose on the sides, so they could be flapping about a bit.   You can see it in the sail on the right boat.

Nautical Decorative Pillows - Sewing Pattern
Nautical Decorative Pillows – Sewing Pattern

I also added a half-circle to the back in closing edge so the striped side does not look so ‘store-bought’ and a bit more nautical/whimsical also.  At the front it shows in off-white. On the red-white stripe back of the pillow, it’s a blue circle, the same color/shape as the cloud circles at the front.

I made this design totally intuitive. What I like about the big open space in the center of the pillow is that I might add a button to transform it into a tufted pillow. Or, I might embroider a few ‘summer’ words on there, to add to the uniqueness of the pillow.   And there you have it.

Want a Nautical Decorative Pillow Sewing Pattern? Drop me a line…

If you are interested in obtaining the sewing pattern for this pillow and let me teach you how to add piping to a pillow, design with applique’, and make a super –simple decorative pillow, then leave me a comment below.

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