How to Make a Natural Centerpiece with Hurricanes

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How to Make a Natural Centerpiece with Hurricanes

This article is written by guest writer Tammy Henderson. Tammy contributes weekly to FineCraftGuild. Every Monday morning she show us how to create a beautiful seasonal centerpiece, made with pre-owned and recycled goodies. Learn all about Tammy at the end of the article.

Over to Tammy:

Last week I showed you how to create a very personalized Fathers day Home Décor vignette. I included father/daughter photos. His golf hobby was the clear theme for the vignette. I embedded several craft projects in that vignette, such as how to add letters to golf balls. It was fun, wasn’t it?

Today, I want to show you how a centerpiece or vignette theme can be almost subliminal. The vignette will feel right and seasonable, but it is not so obvious. I am showing you how to create elegant, nature-inspired Father’s Day centerpieces by reusing old hurricanes and ‘beer bottles’.

natural fathersday centerpiece

Creating a natural centerpiece for the outdoorsy Father type.

Setting a table for any holiday is always fun and creates the mood for whatever the holiday is all about.  Using what you have and recycling your glass vases for these centerpieces won’t cost you a thing by using what you already have on hand, and if you don’t have these pieces, they are always easy to find at a very low cost. Check your local thrift stores and garage sales.

With Father’s Day comes a celebration and in his honor. So why not showcase what he loves whether it be sports, fishing or just enjoying the outdoors. This centerpiece setting is all about the man that enjoys the woodsy outdoors.

centerpiece with ducks

Staying with natural colors while enjoying the outdoors this Father’s day, setting the table with the  simplicity of recycled ; hurricane candle vases and using fillers such as a rustic wood pillar candle as the main focus and filling the other two glass vases with mercury glass bottles representing the look of a beer bottle. (What man doesn’t enjoy a bottle of beer?)

How to Create this Fathers Day Centerpiece

To create this centerpiece a galvanized tray with rope handles was placed upside down and a piece of sliced wood was added to hold the woodsy pillar candle. The other two vases were added to the corners while two small votive candles were added to highlight (when lit) the ducks. Adding a couple Mallards helps carry out the theme of your vignette.

diy fathersday centerpieces

To add to the centerpiece two more bottles were added to the sides of the galvanized tray using the rope handles to hold and embellish the bottoms of the mercury glass bottles.

natural father s day centerpieces

Once all the main pieces were in place some faux-succulents and floral pieces were added to complete this “outdoorsy” Father’s Day Table Centerpiece.

Techniques & Tips

Tip: To keep my bottle in place, I use a little Quakehold by applying a few pieces to the bottom of of the bottle.

hurrycanes for centerpiece

Techniques fathersday centerpiece

Till Next Post…
Xo Tammy

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