Natural Energy-boosting Molasses Drink Recipe


“”Natural Energy-boosting Molasses Drink Recipe ::

Blackstrap molasses. It’s one of the best home remedies around. But it takes someone like Shanice Bannis,  from City of Creative Dreams, who actually created a morning routine drink with it to get us to check out her Natural Energy-boosting Molasses Drink Recipe.

Shanice doesn’t like coffee but still needs an energy boost in the morning.  She developed this natural energy-boosting molasses drink.  Most blackstrap molasses drinks are made with water and a sprinkle of lemon (for the necessary vitamin C). Shanice, however, transformed that ‘taste challenging’-aspect of typical molasses drinks, into something that, well, I actually might like to try.

Natural Energy-Boosting Molasses Drink

Natural Energy-boosting Molasses Drink Recipe
Natural Energy-boosting Molasses Drink Recipe — image credit: City of Creative Dreams

Hop over to Shanice’s blog for her recipe for this natural, health-boosting  at her blog, City of Creative Dreams.

* Summary of Blackstrap Molasses Health Benefits

  • Good for hair : blackstrap molasses help to rebuild the skin structure that supports healthy hair.
  • Rich in iron: needed to carry oxygen to our blood cells.
  • Safe sweetener for diabetics: only has a moderate glycemic load, so that this is a good sugar substitute for diabetics, and even weight loss diets.
  • High in calcium and magnesium: its mineral ratio of calcium to magnesium is ideal for superior absorption, making blackstrap molasses a perfect aid for bone growth and development and good safeguard against osteoporosis and other bone diseases.
  • Laxative & more: can improve bowel movements and its additional mineral content of manganese potassium, vitamin B6  and selenium offer a range of other health benefits, from anti-oxidant, protein and brain support.

Tip: blackstrap molasses is a bit of an ‘acquired taste’. Build up slowly so your taste buds and your body get used to it. Drinking from a straw is a good idea also. Try adding almond milk instead for flavor and additional health benefits.

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