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Oh believe it or not, but Canada, one of the coldest countries on Earth, is going to set us an example this Thursday, February 17: It’s holding a national sweater day. It’s target is that 150,000 (or more) Canadian families turn down the heat on the day by 3°C and putting on a sweater.

What an amazing act to fight against climate change!

Sweater Day is an initiative of the WWF. Their site (www.wwf.ca/events/sweater_day) offers several ways to get involved including

  • Take their National Sweater Day pledge. (In the past that meant, for a chance to win some prizes. Let’s see what they’ll come up with this year…)
  • Sweater yourself on Facebook with their app. Dress up your profile picture and show your friends that you’re serious about fighting climate change.
  • Bid on a designer sweater, donated by leading Canadian designers. All proceeds go to WWF.

Join us in this stance against climate change.



free knitting pattern sweater jacketNo longer living in that ‘freezing’ country, I’d like to help my fellow-Canadians! I am featuring a free, warm knitting pattern!!! Fashionable too! This knitted cardigan aka jacket is a super-fast knit as it uses the thickest knitting needles I’ve ever used: 10.5, chunky wool and simple knitting techniques. Ideal beginners knitting pattern. You’ll love it.

I love the look of sweater dresses
& the purpose. Where fashion makes sense.
That’s where I’d like to be.


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Sweater Designer: M.L. Patrick

Pattern Source: lionbrand.com

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