My Mothers Day Gift

Greeting cards

Oh, it’s a cliché:. I know.‘The best gifts in life are free’. Cliché, but true! This was my mothers day gift  today. I think it is the best! This little girl made me a ‘free Mothersday coloring page’ to post on the blog, so I would not have to work for a day! Talk about fantastic, lovely, thoughtful and creative ??!!  And free. And ‘The Best’ in my book.

It is particularly nice, since in the UK, Mothers Day (or mothering day as they call it here) is celebrated on a completely different day. This year UK Mothers day was  on March 30.  Next year, 2015, Mothering Day will be celebrated in the UK on March 15. I’d better put these days in my calendar, so I won’t forget. Meanwhile in the US & Canada Mothers Day will be May 10, 2015. It’s confusing having different days for common celebrations. 


So, I thought to share her Free Mothers day Coloring Page with you. Isn’t it just the sweetest Mothersday card/illustration, so full of love and whimsy ?  Because it is hand-drawn by a child, it would make a wonderful coloring page too. She is right.   Let me know if you’d like this at a higher resolution for downloading, and I’ll do that for you.

So, I put her free coloring page right next to this: a book with poems about love  that I received from my husband for our wedding anniversary. Yes, it’s in Italian. Even more romantic! 


The two pairs of babies shoes in front are just begging to be finished. They want to be shown in public.  Can you tell? So photogenic!  So, stay tuned for two unique crochet patterns coming up for darling baby shoes.

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