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Placemat purses that kids can make are also fun bags for grown-ups to make.

This easy placement bag pattern creates not one bag, but many bags. Each type of placemat gives a completely different style to your bags. Embellish and add details to suit your taste and the season.
Tip: if you happen to have some matching fabric laying around, add an inside pocket for an iPhone.

mothersday bag

This purse makes a darling Mothers Day gift. The little pink ribbon ties and the M appliqué are what sets this bag apart, as well as beautiful bamboo handles.


Who would have thought that

this once was a plain placemat?


Bag Handles

handbag handles 

Gorgeous bamboo bag handles will finish of your bag design and are worth ‘investing’ in. Usually they are about $10-$12 per set of bamboo handles.



Besides a set of handles, you’ll need just 1 placemat, matching thread, a sewing machine, plus ribbon and a bit of fabric to make an appliqué and a pocket.


Placemat Mothersday Purse Making Instructions

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As well, I thought to tip you about fonts that are suitable to make monograms. Follow the link…

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