Make mom happy with these 50+ DIY Mothers Day Gifts

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50+ Beautiful, Personalised, Easy-to-Make DIY Mothers Day Gifts (updated list of great ideas to ‘steal’.)

Pretty, personalised, functional & stylish gifts for moms, and other important women in your world. Make a gift yourself, or give mother the craft materials along with a free printed how-to tutorial as an enjoyable ‘DIY craft project kit’.

Personalized DIY Mothers Day Gifts ~ free tutorials ~

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Older Kids

Who Can Make Gifts for Her

These gifts look amazingly sophisticated, however they are super-simple and inexpensive to make.


Designer Cuff Bracelet
Let’s get started with the most stylish.

Swirly Spring Scarf
(Easy Knitting Pattern)

Monogram Placemat Purse


For Mothers who Love Jewellery

A diamond Ring (have a look at these at Amazon. It don’t have to be Cartier. Here are some lovely elegant ones that one would love to get from a daughter or a son. Just because.

More Jewelry Tutorials

For Groovy, Creative, Multi-tasking Moms

Having the best tools = best design, at fraction of the time. These are great Mothers day gifts. Who else is going to make cute Pinterest pictures, bring kids to volleyball practice and cook dinner? And put all of that on her blog?! Actually I should add smart phones (#ad) here.


(learn more or purchase on Amazon)

Nikon Camera
(learn more or purchase on Amazon)

From Smaller Kids
Who Want to Make their own Mothers Day Gifts

For Mothers who love Breakfast-In-Bed

…on Mothers Day:

Bake something delicious and decorate her tray with a rose.

Bread Pudding
(recipe; add whip cream)

Rose Napkin Fold

Cinnamon Roll Hearts

Rose Place Card

For Knitting Moms on Mothers Day

Chinese jacket free knitting pattern
Timeless chic Chinese Jacket
(Get the free pattern here and buy the yarn online)


Great yarn – look at all the recycled and awesome yarn options on Amazon

Lion Brand #ad

Get Your Crochet-loving Mom a Shawl

and Make her Day!


Spring Rose Shawl
(Free Crochet Pattern)
Give her the pattern &
buy the yarn:

 Infinity Scarf Pattern(Free eBook)

For Home Decorating Mothers

shell adorned sheets - how to paint fabric tutorial
Hand-stamped Pillow (many patterns for handmade pillows)

For Chefs, who cook even on Mothers Day

Most Adorable Apron


Italy Apron
(sewing pattern)

Quilted Heart Potholders

Mini-quilt magnets

For Mothers with Pets

Personalized animal Mug
(animal stencil templates)

Felted Crochet Pet Bed (pattern)

For Coffee & Tea – Loving Moms

Personalised coffee cup sleeve:


Coffee cup cozy
(sewing pattern)

Coffee Cup Cozy
(crochet pattern)

Homemade Relax Tea
Love Jar for Relax Tea

For Sewing Moms

Stylish Handbag
(free sewing pattern)

A new Sewing Machine
(learn more and purchase on Amazon)

The best.

For Home-Spa Loving Mothers

Soy Candles

Easiest-ever to Make Soap Flower

For Moms who work in Offices

Handmade Desk Calendar

Handmade Notice board

For Eco-friendly Moms
Who Love Personalised, Handmade Gifts

For Mothers who Love to Quilt

Amy Butler Fabric + yo-yo Quilt (pattern )

Create her a loving owl from felted pieces.  Looks involved but actually a fast project.

Owl Measuring Tape
(pattern + template)

For a Mom celebrating her 1st Mothers Day

free diaper bag sewing pattern fabric suggestion

Diaper Bag (pattern + lovely fabric suggestion)

For Moms who love to read

Origami Heart Bookmarks
(illustrated tutorial)

Home Decorating Books
(learn more or purchase at Amazon)

Mothers Day Bookmarks
(free download)

how to fold an origami heart - step by step tutorial - step 13
make your own bookmarks(opens in a new tab)

Kindle Unlimited
Learn more or purchase on
Amazon #ad

For Busy/Lazy Kids

who leave Mothers Day till the Last Minute

For all Moms, Grandmothers & Mothers-In-Law  

and those who live Far away

Moms Celebrating Mothers Day

If you are a mom, you could be so luck to get any of these kind of presents. However, as we all know, the greatest prize is being a mom!

5 things to love about Being a Mom

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