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DAY 2 in “Mother’s Day Gifts”- Week.

Was wondering what Mother’s Day gift idea to present to you today, when I spotted a gold-colored chocolate bar wrapper on my desk. Mmm…. an origami heart bookmark to go with a nice gift? Mom’s large golden heart needs to be acknowledged, right?!

Mothers Day Gift



Use a nice & new square piece of quality paper (rather than a choco covered bar wrap!!), that is about 1/2 the width of a chocolate bar, or a ‘normal’-sized bookmark heart. For a little gift for mom/oma/a woman friend, you can of course, give her a nice chocolate bar, and an origami (bookmark) heart.

How to Fold an Origami Bookmark Heart

Super easy and fast to make:
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1. Get yourself a nice piece of paper. The nicer the better.
2. Ensure you have a square piece of paper (Do NOT fold over diagonally like I did here!! Instead: just check that your paper is square. If you have a beautiful piece of paper, then use a ruler to ensure that it’s square. Don’t mess with the paper).
3. Beginning origami folding instructions: Fold paper in half, and then in half again, so you have 4 quarters. Open paper back up.
4. Fold the bottom half of the paper in half.
5. Make 2 diagonal fold, up to the top 1/4 line. You’ll see this at the back of the paper.
6. Fold the paper in half.
7. Turn it over, and tuck in the two corner.
8. Fold over the outside bits
9/10. Fold over the two pointy bits again (= top of the heart)
10/9. Turn over the paper and voila: there is your heart.
(sorry, stuffed up the numbering on the images)
11. Cut off the sides, to make it into a tidy bookmark.
12. Place the bookmark on the book, for a fun gift.
13. Better still, place it at a page with ‘a clue’.
14. Then show up with a surprise gift.
15. That she will truly love. Ha!
How is that ??!!!! I like these kind of surprises.

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Origami Hearts Decorations

See how the heart actually can stand up (picture 14)? Well, you can make different sized hearts and have them stand around in your living room, or bedroom on your night stand. Put them in your Feng Shui ‘Relationship’ Corner. Then, good things are bound to happen.

There you have it. This was my idea #2 in Mothers Day Week. Find 2 different type of mothers day bookmarks here. Tomorrow, a new kind of Mothersday project.


Day 1: Swirly Scarf, easy knit project (1 skein wonder)
Day 2: Fold a Origami Heart Bookmark
Day 3: .. surprise, come back tomorrow.

btw. last week was OWL CRAFT – WEEK. Did you see it?