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How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers. We made about a thousand paper flowers around here. In every shape or form possible. In fact, we found that the more paper flowers you make, the more creative you get making them.

My favorite one is a red crepe paper flower, which has a yellow heart from recycled netting that lemons are sold in. I dunked the crepe paper flower’s outer petals in water, squeezed out quite a lot of the red ink, and then let it dry upside own, which created beautifully natural edges around the petals.

Tissue Paper Flowers in Blossom Branches or a Bouquet for Mothers Day?

Attached to twigs and branches, tissue paper flowers can look amazingly realistic. What do you think? A dead branch has come alive here. The trick to making this work well, is to add little flower buds at the end of the sticks, and to make relatively smallish tissue paper flowers.


In contrast, over-sized paper flowers, in simple shapes tend to look festive, abundant and joyful. Like in this bouquet here.

Flower styles are personal.
Pick what Mom will like best.

Learn How to Make Paper Flowers

For how-to’s, tips and advance on how to make paper flowers, I recommend to read both my prior articles: How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers and How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers – Part 2

The first article shows photos and step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple but beautiful paper flower. The second article shows you tips and ideas on how to make your flowers more intricate and interesting. So visit these for some basic paper flowers that even small children can make, and their more advanced versions.

Wouldn’t you like to get flowers for Mothers Day?

P.S. I PROMISED that the 101 Mothers Day Gift Ideas eBook would be ready today, but … it isn’t yet. Tuesday is a better target date for the eBook. In the meanwhile, browse around on the blog using this link: Mothers Day which leads to a multi-page overview of wonderful Mothers’ Day Ideas that you’ll love and will for sure keep you busy till Tuesday (and beyond).

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