See the sunny side with some happy Mood lifting DIY Projects

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A touch of delight goes a long way. Brighten up your day with these mood lifting DIY projects. Fun to make, receive and use. Give some away and put a smile on everyone’s face.

My best mood-lifting DIY Project is this: Relax Tea Recipe

Relax Tea Recipe

This Relax Tea Recipe brings you into that quiet happiness zone. Try it. It also has mood boosting qualities to it.

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Love Placemat Pattern

Log Cabin Heart quilt block pattern
Log Cabin Heart quilt block pattern

Winking to Valentines Day coming up, do you have a friends who could do with some homemade loveliness? This quilted hearts placemat pattern is just perfect.

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DIY Garden-in-a-pot Plan

Still snowing where you are? Try bringing just one large pot come alive and place it next to your front door, or where your living room or kitchen peaks into the garden. Pick some plants that are pretty dormant. Be sure to add some daffodils and snow whites to peak through when the last frosts finish.

garden in a pot - porch appeal
Garden in a pot – Easy porch and curb appeal

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DIY Doormat Tutorial

DIY Recycled Cork Floor Mats

This is the muddy season alright? How about replacing your worn-out scrubby version with a new one, made from recycled corks by yours truly for a personal touch and a welcoming home, if nothing… for yourself when you come back from walking the dog. (Hope: one day, the pandemic will be over and yes, you’ll get to share your homemade creation ;-))

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And there you have it: 4 mood lifting DIY projects that are good for you, others, heart-full and good for the environment too!

More Mood-lifting DIY Projects

If you are looking for other happy crafting ideas, be sure to use our search feature on top right of this page, as we have 1500+ free craft tutorials, patterns and ideas here – beyond knitting and crochet! Studies have shown that crafting with your hand like knitting and crocheting can boost your mood and lower stress levels.

Easy beginners crochet and knitting patterns can actually boost your mood and lower stress levels. (A study published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy concluded: Knitting has significant psychological and social benefits, which can contribute to wellbeing and quality of life. )

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Enjoy! Have a happy day, Rose

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