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Over the years, we’ve posted many DIY projects, that would make good craft gifts, particularly with a touch of personalization through monogramming: sewing, crochet, knitting, and other crafts & home decor ideas.


This is where monogram fonts come in. Monogramming is an easy way to even embellish store-bought basics into homemade treasures that would make great personal gifts.


Often monograms can add another color & style dimension, elevating something that was blend to an enhanced sophisticated designer object.



How to Create a Monogram

Monogramming on fabric with fabric is essentially an appliqué technique.  What you’ll need is a monogram font, which you can find here.  If these monogram fonts are too elaborate for you, and you’d wish for something simple, browse around in your own text editing program choosing a bold, fat font, enlarged.

Fonts that make nice thick monogram letters that can be used as fabric appliqué templates include: Arial Black, Bauhaus, Bodoni Black, Broadway, Castellan, Goudy Stout, Ravie and Stencil.

Simply print out the word you’d like to appliqué in the size that you wish and use these letter templates to cut your contrast fabric.  Stitch or fuse your letters on. If you have a sewing machine with fancy stitches, top stitch each letter with a contrast color yarn. Iron as needed.



How to Design an Embroidered Monogram

For finer fabric-based monogramming projects, embroidery is the option of choice.  You can monogram_blackadderdownload an embroidery font, or simply browse through your own font collection first.  For embroidered monograms, you’re best to use a font that’s thinner.  Style options are unlimited and range from elegant script fonts, or funky whimsical lettering.  Compare Blackadder  (image right) with Jokerman (image left).


monogram_jokermanPrint your lettering in several sizes till you get the word(s) to fit just perfectly onto your monogramming project.  Mark the letters with a sewing crayon if you are good at drawing, or use a pencil and tracing paper to mark the lettering onto your fabric.  Then embroider over the marks with embroidery floss.


Click here for a tote bag sewing pattern which would be ideal for monogramming.




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