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This is one of the most glamorous IKEA hacks or IKEA makeovers that I’ve seen in a while.


An $19 Ikea side table (which they sell as a night stand + two coats of $7–metallic-gold-paint + a mirror for table-top creates a glamorous design element that makes an ordinary living room into a showroom lounge.


This recycled IKEA furniture transformation was done by Rasha, who is from Lebanon. On her blog ‘My Champagne Taste’, she explains that she had her mirror custom made in Lebanon for $10, and then taken back to the US.

In the US typically, custom mirrors of this size (19. 5/8”) can cost you anywhere from $80 to over $700. ( If you don’t believe me, look here. )

So, on your behalf (as I don’t think you have a trip planned to Lebanon any time soon to pick up an low-cost mirror) I scoured around for an inexpensive local alternative, and I found it, believe it or not, .. at Ikea!

recycled furniture

See that mirror with the curls?

It is exactly the right diameter. The mirror frame is made from stainless steel.

Yes, you will need a handy man to help you remove those metal curls.  Or, you could use these curls as a feature and hang an assortment of handmade tassels from them. Up to you.

Other Materials Needed for this DIY Home Decor Project

  1. Black metal Ikea side table, aka nightstand;
  2. Round Mirror, sourced from your local area, or
    The $9.99 Ikea Ekne mirror (with curls removed);
  3. . Quality paint, such as Krylon 1000 Premium Metallic Spray Paint, Gold
  4. That’s it.


photo / info sources:
photo & howto gold mirrored side-table: My Champagne Taste
photo Ikea furniture:
gold paint is for sale online, using link above in the list.


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